Wearing tilak at work?

Hare Krishna All, I am a new devotee and still struggling with reading, chanting and other things beyond the four reg. principles. So I am still learning much, although my faith is strengthening, praise Srila Prabhupada!


I was wondering others position on wearing tilak at work. I work in a large company in Texas and the reaction amongst coworkers and managers would no doubt be dicey. I am already known here as the vegetarian dude (meaning slightly weird) and animal rights guy. When I wear tilak on my days off around town, I usually don't get much of a reaction, and when I do, often folks are just curious, like "What is that ?" or "I think you have some food on your face!". :-)


Any 'tilak at work' stories to share? or any opinions to offer?


Thanks! - David

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  • water tilak with the mantras has the same effect and no one comes to know

  • Well, I wear tilak everyday to work (I work in Maryland). Initially everybody are curious, kinda making fun of you but they'll get used to it. In fact, now the situation is reversed: if I don't wear my tilak some day to work my office mates ask me why I don't have my tilak. So it is all a matter of making people get used to it. 

  • Volunteer

    I work for a MNC as a software engineer and we have flexible work option. When I am working from home, I wear the tilak all day. When I am going to office, I wash off the tilak and put on a tilak with water. The material of tilak does not really matter much.

  • hare krishna  water tilak is the best solution

  • Hare Krishna David Prabhuji ,
    Wear Tilak when you can ,and when you want to preach , but if you are in fear of getting fired from your job and you need the $ , then just wear Water Tilak . :-)
    Your servant ,
    Sevananda das
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