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Wearing Narasimha Kavach if you're eating Onion/Garlic etc.

Hare Krishna!

All glories to the Vaishnavas :)

I wanted to inquire who of the following person(s) can wear Narasimha Kavach. A person who -

i)   Is a Vegetarian but eats onion and garlic

ii)  Is an Eggetarian 

iii) Is a Non-Vegetarian

iv) Is a Non-Vegetarian and consumes alcohol too (smokes occasionally). 

Please throw some light on the same respected devotees. 

Thank You.

With Appreciation,

Your Servant

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Hare krsna,

It is for those who refrain from eating meat and foods made using onion and garlic.

Hare krsna.

Got it. Thanks Prabhu Ji.


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