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I heard a lot many times that we need the Lord's Grace to get an opportunity and even have the desire to worship him. Like Tirupati or any pilgrimage.


Is it true?



Your servant


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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    What Tukaram das prabhu ji said is right. We need Guru's grace to get to understand Krishna. And we need Krishna's grace to get a guru in our life too. 

    If you see the history and read some charitras of great people who got the mercy of greatest guru's like Narad Muni Himself coming to them and giving dikhsa for example., Valmiki or little Prince Dhruva or even Little Prahalaad ( in the womb of mother itself). You will come to know that they had acquired some merits in the many many past lives which made them meet such a great guru and get initiated by Narda Muni. But It get sukriti you must have had done some very good karma to get the mercy of Lord. The desire to even meet a guru should be established in your heart then only you get chance to meet a guru. 

    Simiarly, If you think you are able to sketch and make a plan for tirupathi Venkateshwara swamy also we are a going to meet a  bad end. It is never possible on our own account to plan and meet God esp. I have seen many times with Tirupathi balaji swami trip. When we surrender our ego and say Oh Lord I am making plans to meet you but without your ANUGRAHA ( your blessings) it is never possible. Pls kindly see that this trip to meet you becomes successfull .. Than the trip goes smoothly. We have had experiences  of this. Yaadrichika( without any plan) sometimes we got dragged to the temple without prior planning and it really was sucessful trip. When we were at the start of the taking a cab for going up to Tirumala .. we were told that This period it too heavy rush Brahmotsava time you wont get any darshana .. But luckily by God's grace the trip was succesful. Yes. It is true that without Lord's grace you cannot even get darshan of Tirupati Balaji. Just leave the ego that you are doer and planner than Let give ur life's remote to Lord's hands. He will safely take you to ur destination. Lord is Charioteer. You just have to give ur mind ( regins) into HiS hands. Life becomes easy then.  He will guide you to a guru also. He will be ur guru also ( infact ) that is why we must say Guru brahama guru Vishnuh Guru devo mahesharawah!! Why?

    Guru is only the Brahama, Guru is only the Vishnu and Guru is only the Maheshwara.. that is the place where you are totally surrendering to ur guru and saying You are only My Krishna. Such a surrender to the guru is what is needed. Than Lord will surely be pleased and take ur chariort directly to the destination. You just have to give ur mind ( reigns of the horses) horses *senses*  into the Hands of Lord Sri Krishna. Just like Arjuna did He surrendered to Krishna and accepted Lord as the driver of his Senses. 

    If you are able to see Krishna in your guru. That is called true surrender.

    Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum. Krishna comes in many ways to teach you guide you. IF you are able to see Krishna in your guru than you will surely surrender to him perfectly and that is how Lord will take you to ur desitination safely.

    Ego that you are the doer should be left. Everything is done by Lord. All plans and all things happening in ur life are coming to you according to Lord's plan. You are just Nimitta matra. If you understand that. Krishna will take control of you. You just need to submitted urself freely to Lord without any false ego.

    Hare Krishna.




  • It seems to me to be the grace of guru and Krishna - but without guru - we would not know how to approach the Lord.

    Everything in creation is, of course, by Krishna's grace... but to me it seems more like guru's grace to worship Krishna.  Lord Krishna wants us to come back to him, but he will let us be spoiled & misbehaving children for as long as we want to be. It is by the grace of the guru that we find our way back to Krishna. They say that for every step we take towards Krishna he takes 100 towards us, but I would not have known to take the first step without my guru. (I would also add that every step we make... maya will try to trip us) 

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