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All glories to Srila Prabhupada

We are not these bodies but pure souls, then why do WE SOULS feel bodily enjoyments and bodily pains?

Question in detail:
We are different from bodies like a person's clothes are different from the person.The person's clothes when get torn, the person is not hurt. Similarly, we shouldn't get hurt when our body gets injured, because we are not bodies, but we do get hurt and we do feel pain. Why?

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  • I am also confused similarly mataji as there are two ways of seeing this point.
    I hope someone puts some more light on "Is there 0% bodily pain for 100% pure devotees?
    Hare Krsna
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      Radhanath Swami Mh says, “Pain may be inevitable but suffering is optional.” " It is our free choice, whether we want to suffer or not, though the experience of pain may not be a choice. Even though physically the pain might be hurting, we can find deep fulfillment in the gratitude of having been purified, or we can simply suffer."



      • Thanks for your wonderful replies.
        Hare Krsna

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      whatever pain might be there Prabhuji spiritual bliss and happiness overcomes it. In this way they do not pay much attention to that pain. 

      Spiritual happiness is soooooooooo powerful that they are ready to feel even more bodily pain just to be in the presence of Krishna.

      There was one Mataji who had very bad cancer. She was lying in her death bead. She could not even take books to her hands. Then Devotees gave her a computer and she used to read Prabhupada's books by just moving with her fingers.

      But when Radhanath Swami Maharaj visited her she told that she never ever likes to change her situation with anyone else in this world. Because in that condition she was able to read Books in full surrender and could feel that Prabhupada is directly talking to her.

      She told that she was not in death bed but in the shores of Ganges.

      Your servant,

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    i do not understand this point, is it true that pure Devotee does not feel any bodily pain?

    until we are in this body we will feel pain but only Krishna Consciousness gives us understanding and strength to tolerate this pain.   

    And yes, in other sides it is true when our mind is really busy with the intensive service to Krishna and Devotees then we won't feel any pain even if they are there. Because we won't give much attention to body but to the service.

    Also Krishna Consciousness only protects us from all sufferings even from material diseases. As we know from ayurveda it says that sickness first cultivates in the mental platform then only body takes it as a reaction. But if our mind is healthy then body also will be healthy.

    Your servant,

  • Thank you Prabhujis for very comprehensive replies.
    Hare Krsna

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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    /*The person's clothes when get torn, the person is not hurt.*/

    Who said the person when his clothes get torn not Hurt ? Suppose your dear some one gifted you a very nice T-Shirt of most famous brand "PEPE-JEANS" London. And when you wear it you stand infront of mirror , and we check from all sides that you are looking very handsome in that T-Shirt, and also your family people saying really you are looking awesome. So you decided to go to your most dearest friend's birthday wearing that T-Shirt by keeping in mind, Oh all will look at me. But on the road while you were on the way walking, a car rush away by your side and all the dirty water on the roadside thrown upon you, and you newely branded pepe-jeans london T-Shirt get totally spoiled.

    What will be your situation at that time?  will you not become morose and upset? will you not hurt and lament ?

    But why will you hurt, because of extreme attachment to thet T-Shirt and expection from that. Similarly

    An embodied soul becomes very attached since from the womb of his mother to his/her body. Mind , intelliegence and false ego are the connector between the soul and the body which is matter (made up of earth, air, water, ether, fire). Due to the attachment he identify his self as the body, thus he feel all kind of pain and pleasure pertaining to the body, just like if a car get damaged the driver get affected mentally if he is too much attached or love the car. So as long as the consciousness of the soul is that he thinks that he is the body, so long he has to suffer the pain of body.

    Then what is the solution?

    As I told mind, false ego and intelligence are the connector between soul and body, so if we draw away the attention of this three subtle element from body and engage it transcendental krishna, then these three elements get absorbe in krishna , and slowly cut his connection from Body. Then we no longer feel pain pertaining to Body.

    Soul  ------------>  mind+intelligence+false ego ---------------> Body = feel suffering of Body

    soul -------------> mind+intelligence+false ego ----------------> Krishna (through 9 process) = No feeling of Bodily pain

    Hope this will help

    Your aspiring Servant

    Hari Bol

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    Hare Krishna,

    When we feel pain, it is neither the soul which feels pain, nor the body -- because body is a dead matter. But because the soul misidentifies itself with the body, it feels pain.
     For example. : If someone is very attached to his mobile phone, and if i suddenly go and break it, he feels pained. But that person is not mobile phone, and neither i am beating that person nor the mobile phone can experience pain. It is simply because he is identifying himself with the mobile phone that he feels pain.

    The pure souls, when their body gets hurt, they do not feel pain at all, we can see so many examples -- Ex: Vasudev datta, Krishnadas kaviraj goswami etc etc. Even Srila prabhupada was giving purports even when he was about to leave his material body.

    Thank you.


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