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    Hare Krishna dear Neha Parmar Mataji, please accept my sincere obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     in order to practice yoga we have to find secluded place like forest, collect kusha grass, find dear skin make a soft sit, sit on that and start to control our breathing at the same time chanting mantras meditating on Paramatma. We have to control all the sense very strictly: no sweets, no soft, warm beds, no family association, no opposite sex, no,no,no...

    and this process usually is done for several years. So decide Yourself, are You or anyone of us here can do so!


    Gyana yoga means, whole day you do not work, earn money, you do cook, go to the shop, watch films, talk with friends about worldly things, nothing but just read, learn and artificially try to understand that everything in this world is useless and your goal is liberation.

    Again decide Yourself, as i saw You are computer engineering student, very smart, can You or anyone of us here can follow this!


    Bhakti means whatever You do, do it for Krishna's pleasure. You like to dance? dance for Him. You like to cook? cook for Him. You like to do business and earn money? become a businessmen and earn money for Him. You like to talk? talk with Devotees about Him. You like to swim? Swim in Ganga and enjoy. You like to sing, sing Kirtan and enjoy.

    you like to get married and have family, children then get married and put Krishna in the front and make Your children Krishna Conscious. You want to be always beautiful with jeweleries then decorate Yourself for the pleasure of easy and joyful! isn't it?!

    now, i and any other Devotee here can surely  say that they are able to do these things. and i sure You will also like this! :-)


    In Kali Yuga we are so degraded that we live hardly 100 years, we do not eat nutritious food, there is lack of cow milk, ghee, our mind is not peaceful, atmosphere is polluted, everywhere advertisements which agitate our senses, mind... knowing our pitiful condition Lord Chaitaya gave us the simplest but the most powerful practice: chanting the Holy Names of Krishna.

    Kalau nasti eva nasti eva nasti eva gatir anyatha

     In Kali yuga there is no other way, no other way, no other way, then chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna.  


    Your servant,

    • hare krishna mataji,

      thank you so much for this ans.

      i really need this. thank you once again.

      now i am very clear that i have to follow the bhakti yoga. and i do this.

      thank you.

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