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Hare Krishna dear devotees,
I am undergoing a tough phase with in myself. Being exposed to TV with all its glam and color, got hooked up to a serial full of melodrama. Being vacation for kids, most of the time, TV on in the living room, couldn't help avoiding it. Now I am able to feel the agitation in the mind. Absolutely corrupting and corroding the little bit of spiritual energy earned so far. Feel very weak and guilty. I am surprised how I started liking the serial. I can not tolerate even one scene of movie or show or serial. Just to understand my daughter's interest I asked her and I started viewing now. Thankfully I still cannot stand movies. Can anyone help me overcome this crisis?

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  • Very nice explanation why one indulges in TV.

    Thanks for citing the crucial points for pondering.

  • Hare Krishna Apurv prabhu,

    you are right. Bhakthi needs to be like a fire. Nothing should come close to it. But the repeated exposure to water and carbon di oxide it is fighting to be alive.

    Though I am deviating, I do my daily sadhana properly, only thing I am aiming at is to remove completely the urge to see the next part of the series. I who was very strong in my determination and detachment, even if I go for the most box office hit movies I dont used to be affected, I have even slept off in theatres. So untouched I was. I feel sad for myself. 

    Just a small TV serial which is capturing my mind and makes me wait for the next day. This I am aiming to come out of.

    All you inputs are very very valuable.

    I will apply them for sure.

    Hare Krishna


  • Hare Krishna,

    Prabhu, u seem to be a very good speaker... ;)

    Jai Shri Ram

    Your servant

  • Dont watch TV except for following shows:
    1. Iskcon arti (colors channel)
    2. Hare Krsna culture (Shraddha channel)

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji, Please can you let me know at what day and time Iskcon arti is telecast on Colors channel??



    • Thanks for the kind advice.

      Good to follow that.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Meenal Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It says that to watch a TV for 30 minutes destroys the results of austerities done for 3 months. I heard it in HH Indradyumna Swami Maharaja very long back and that remained in my mind so whenever i see a TV or even hear its sound i try not to look and close my ears or loudly start to chant the Holy Names.

    It is really detracting mind. 

    So many things....right one after another...then how to be peaceful? No how.


    It is also true that mostly children these days are friends with this black box - TV.

    Which is destructible in every sense.

    They will make priorities in life according to what TV says and we know for sure what these days TV says - "Illicit Sex is correct go for that!" (sorry for this!) But am i wrong? All movies, ads, programs, news....move around this subject only.

    And as per natural gross hormonal gross in human should be formulated up to his or her 25 years of age. But because of these kind of ads their hormonal gross completes in 5-6 - 10 years of age. It is sad.

    It is true that You love Your kids.

    And that love should be as like Mother Aditi loved her kids not as love of Mother Diti.

    So let's see what difference they had:

    Kashyapa Muni told to Diti: Your kids became Demons because You never said them "NO!" You always gave them what they wanted. And as a result they became demons. But Aditi knew how to say "NO!" and give her kids not what they wanted but that what they needed.

    So kids may want so many material enjoyments especially TV but mother should try to say no even if they cry and start to be naughty. Let them cry but it is a true love. Why? Because by not giving them that poison mother protects their lives. Unfortunately these days many mother work and they do not have time for their kids. So they have to buy TV - nanny for their kids. It is very sad.

    If mother is at home then she could engage her kids' time properly.


    Properly means in order to give up lover joy one should take higher joy. So things can be done:

    ----No TV or else only cartoons or film of Krishna.

    ----Please try to chant in Tulasi beads and very attentively.

    ----even kids can wake up early in the morning. It will increase mode of goodness in their consciousness so they will be able to relish higher taste.

    ----fasting on Ekadashis. Even kids so mother can prepare various delicious Ekadashi foods.

    -----Mangala Arati, offering flowers, making garlands ....engaging kids in the service of the Lord.

    ----Playing active Krishna Conscious games.  I mean not computer games but real games as like ordinary kids play but Krishna Conscious. Ex. search for Mother Sita etc...

    ----Going to bed early hours. Important.

    ----visiting Temple with kids, meeting them with other Devotee kids...

    ----teaching them to play in musical engagement of time should be there so that they won't have free time for idly things...

    Your servant,  

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