Hare Krishna,

This is not exactly a query post, but I just wanted to share this research that I was working on for some time, which has now helped me and my friends. I think it will be helpful for some like me who never knew about using RSS Feeds to our advantage.

RSS Feed helps pulling only those specific YT channels that we want to watch to any RSS Reader (like Feedly.com that we have used here). Hence, no other recommendations or unnecessary YouTube channel videos etc. will be brought up in our interface while watching YouTube videos, other than those videos/channels that we have added to our feed.

I have made a blog tutorial and description of this concept + an FAQ post and uploaded it here: yttokc.blogspot.com

To summarize the result, we can watch YouTube videos of only those channels which we want to see, without getting other useless recommendations, ads or videos which YouTube algorithm brings up nowadays, both in Desktop/PC and mainly in mobile phones.

Moreover, this method can also be used for educational purposes, i.e. to add only educational channel feeds from YouTube to RSS Reader, which can help students. In the context of this post, you can pull in videos from any KC channel to your feed. This concept has helped and worked successfully and so I am sharing it here.

If you have any questions, please do let me know.


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