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    • no prabhuji i doesn't do that i know any person who thinks that this god is supreme and other is not is always trapped in illusion or Maya, as u can seen whats happening in Islam. The entire religion is at chaos in middle east. I worship both of them , both are very much dear to me and i cant say how much by devoting myself towards Hari has changed my life in just one year both spiritually as well as in materialstic life i.e through means of Karma. The reason i pointed out that because i have seen people discussing about this fact and i just dont understand when both of them is one the question itself is irrelevant is what i personally feel
    • Yes even i have heard and understood that Mother Sita is incarnation of Mata Lakshmi.In Hinduism it is stated that Lord Vishnu incarinate himself whenever Adharma rises strong over Dharma and total 10 avatars comes on planet at different Yugas or formerly known as Dasha Avatar. Lord Krishna is 9th avatar of Lord Vishnu, although all 10 avatars are same and equally divine
      and repesentation of Lord Vishnu no question about it. But i have heard that some people state that Lord Vishnu is planary expansion of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu is incarnation of Lord Krishna i dont understand this reverse philosophy, all though i considered all of them as one but sometimes this statement create conflicts in people mind who are new to hinduism.
      I asked this same question on Quora and there this fact was stated again.

      Here is the link
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        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        In my opinion, do not tax yourself with who is supreme - Vishnu or Krsna at this stage. Simply worship whichever form is more attractive to you.

        As far as Radha rani is concerned, pls understand that she is not a jivatma like you or me. She is eternal consort of God, so whenever God descends, She also appears with Him in some or the other form. So with Vishnu, She is Lakshmi; with Ram, She is Sita; with Krsna, She is Radha; with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, SHe appears as Gadadhar and so on.

        Regarding SB mentioning that there have been only 10 avatars of the lord, in different yugas, that is factually incorrect. SB mentions there are innumerable incarnations of the lord, then lists 24 main incarnations, then lists 10 main out of those 24. In Hinduism, we say Hari Ananta, Hari Katha Ananta.... 


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

    • It is widely accepted that mother sita is incarnation of mother mahalakshmi

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