Was Ram actually God ?

Hare krishna! I offer my humble obeisances to all .I am really confused whether Ram was actually God or just an ideal human being whom Valmiki wrote about.Can anybody please clear my confusion? If Ram was actually God then why did he send Sita devi to the forest?Is that justified ?

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  • very  nice point... yes many were there who opposes the shri ram decision... 

    there was a story behind this.. that the two parrots gave curse to mata sita that she had to suffer pain in pregnancy time....actualy the pair of parrot hears the ram katha when balmiki ji delivers to his disciples.... one day the parrorts were at sita ji garden and discuss ram katha...  by which sita ji feels good.... so she captures the parrorts and ask them to describe whole katha,....but at that time female parrots was pregnant so she pleaded in front of sita ji that after delievering baby they came to her... but sita ji ignore her and ask female parrot to go... after this both parrots feel pain and they die because of this partition pain.... at that time female parrot gave curse sita ji that she also have to suffer this type of situation when she was pregnant means partition........

    in next birth they parrots pair become DHOBI ,DHOBIN ...

    i read it from some source ...if this is wrong then surely seniors will help us both

    • one more point i want to share which i think last night that as a king lord has to establish peace  in his kingdom... some people says that sita has to pass through agni prakisha... and some says no this is wrong ... if ram listen to one group then there was voilence by other,,, if he listen first group then the result is again voilence... so to avoid voilence he do this.... 

      otherwise he also do the thing that he leave his kingdom............but as sita ji was pati vrata he donot want that because of her his husband pass through pain..... so she left.... ..

  • lord establish dharams.. and they give a very clear view how to live. i lord ram was maryada purshottam, vacha prayan, [aadarsh son, father, brother, friend] in every role in want to show that how a human has to live.... he do his duties in well manner without attachment...like lord krishna says in  bhagwad geeta,,,...

    now as a king..if he dont listen to his PRAJA...then again dharam get in wrong way...so to keep dharam in right way he do this,, he just do his duty.... think if he ignore his praja then we again says he is not lord because he dont follow the kings rule in right way,....

  • Hare Krsna AGTSP

    The very expression "Was Ram actually God?" is entirely in the past tense.

    Whereas God means the past, present and future.

    Please review your question.

  • I am sorry if my question has hurt or offended anyone.But I wanted to clear my doubts because I had read that Ram Bhakti   

    started only in the 16th century and before that there were no Ram mandirs. Sai Baba was a saint, a human being like the rest of us.But now we have temples dedicated to him.He has been idolised.So the question arised in my mind.

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