Dandavat pranaams to All Vaishnavas and Hare Krishna

The following doubt has been lingering in my mind and hence thought of getting some information regarding the same-

Lord Krishna appeared towards the end of Dvapara yuga. And Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam were also written towards the end of the Dvapara Yuga. So the information of Krishna being the supreme original person, was this available for most people during the Satya, Treta and most of Dvapara yug? Mostly I find that the worship and sacrifice was directed towards Lord Vishnu during these yugas because the Vedas mention Vishnu. I understand Lord Vishnu is non-different from Krishna, but still Lord Vishnu is not the original person.

So is it that Kaliyuga is the most fortunate and blessed of yugas because we have more information about the supreme lord's original personality?

Also considering Krishna comes down only once in a 1000 mahayugas, do people in other mahayugas get enough information about Krishna as the supreme? Surely must. God must be making some arrangement. But just wondering whether the shastra has anything explaining these?

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  • Hare krsna,

                        Please accept my humble obeisances. Arjuna asks the same question to krishna that He came at the end of dvapara yuga...But krishna confirms that he had already taught the science of bhagavat gita to the sun god at the beginning of the chatur yuga millions of years ago and arjuna was also present at that time in a different body, and hence couldnot remember the bhagavat gita. Sun god vivasvan explained to Manu and manu explained to king Ikshvaku and in the due course of time, this was lost and hence now He is explaining the same bhagavat gita again on the battlefield. 

    Narada muni gave the mantra " Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya" to dhruva maharaj in satya yuga itself. there is a particular yuga dharma in every yuga..

    For satya yuga-- meditation on lord krishna and his forms like lord vishnu etc...

    For treta yuga-- yajnas---sacrifices to demigods

    For dvapara yuga-- temple deity worship

    For kali yuga--- hari nama sankirtana

    krishna means hari...there are unlimited names of the lord

    Lord krishna came at the end of treta yuga as lord ramachandra, maryada purushottam.

    The eternal dhamas are :

    Goloka vrindavana

    Mathura dhama

    Dwaraka dhama

    Ayodhya dhama

    Jagannatha puri ( Purushottama dhama)

    navadvipa dhama ( mayapur)

    all the above dhamas come under krishnaloka.

    next come vaikunthalokas where we have achyuta loka, narayanaloka, nrsimhaloka, pradyumna loka, aniruddha loka, varahaloka etc...the planetary systems in vaikuntha name after the respective forms of the lord...

    Currently this is 28th millennium or mahayuga...in which the original supreme personality of godhead lord syamasundara krishna appeared in dvapara yuga...and immediately lord gauranga mahaprabhu , the same lord krishna directly from navadvip eternal mayapur appeared in kali yuga in which we are presently there.

    In the 24th millennium lord ramachandra, the supreme personality from the eternal ayodhya loka descended. 

    all the above evidences come from Laghu bhagavatamrta by Rupa goswami..By the mercy of lord nityananda, i sincerely and humbly work on the previous acharyas books...

    in this 28th millennium lord ramachandra is a form of ksirodakasayi vishnu of this universe and hence he is known as lord ramanarayana.

    in next millennium, lord gaura narayana  ( in next kali yuga) will come and will preach bhakti upto the point of vaikunthaloka bhakti or opulent worship of lord vishnu or narayana.

    In next millennium, lord krishna will come as an expansion of lord narayana, because narayana is an expansion of krsna,but krsna is never a portion of narayana as many hindus think..Rupa goswami and sanatana goswami clarify this delicate point very carefully.

    Our kali yuga is indeed blessed for the first 10,000 years after the advent of gauranga mahaprabhu ( lord chaitanya mahaprabhu) and lord nityananda rama ( the original haladhara balarama, another vilasa form of the lord)...as gauranga taught ultimate devotion to radhakrsna..

    lord vishnu is the original person only, but krishna is the source of three vishnus...karanodakasayi vishnu, garbhodakasayi vishnu, ksirodakasayi vishnu...in every universe...

    yours humble servant

    sri krishna gauranga nitai das

    • Hare Krishna,


      After reading your answers I have following confusions. Please throw some light on them.

      Krishna is also considered as Yuga Avatara. If Krishna comes only once in 1000 Mahayugas then which Krishna comes in other Mahayugas? Is that Krishna different from the original Krishna? What is the position of the devotees of the other Krishna (Krishna in other Mahayugas)? Do they reach Krishnaloka or Vaikuntha Lokas. Does that Krishna shows the same pastimes as of original Krishna?

      Also as you said Original lord Ramachandra comes in 24th Millennium then Rama of this Millennium is different from Original Rama? What will be the position of the devotees of Rama of this MIllennium?

      There is a lot of confusion about the incarnations. Please clarify.

      Your Servent,

      Bhupesh Gupta

      • Hare Krishna Bhupesh prabhu,

        Please check the following link for details on Krishna's avataras-



        As described in these articles, the lila avataras like Rama, Krishna etc appear only once in a day of Brahma i.e. once in 1000 maha yugas. So SriRama did not appear in this treta yuga but in the treta yuga of the 24th mahayuga. Similarly now that Krishna has already appeared in this mahayuga, he won't appear as Krishna himself in the remaining mahayugas of the 1000 mahayugas. But of course there will be other avataras of Krishna in each mahayuga. As mentioned in one of the articles "The yuga-avatara gives the yuga-dharma, or the religion for the specific age".

        Hope this is clear.


        • Hare Krishna Sanjiv Prabhu,

          My question is which other avatars appears when Krishna and Rama don't appear. I believe they are also yuga avtara (means which appears once in every mahayuga). So confusion is if Krishna appears only once in Brahma's day then who appears in other dwapar yuga. I couldn't find any other avtara in dwapar or treta yuga in any scripture.

          Please calrify

          Your Servent,

          Bhupesh Gupta

    • "in next millennium, lord gaura narayana  ( in next kali yuga) will come and will preach bhakti upto the point of vaikunthaloka bhakti or opulent worship of lord vishnu or narayana.

      Which scripture is it from?

      • Its from Laghu bhagavatamrta by Rupa goswami in which every incarnation is described in detail

    • Hare Krishna Srinivas prabhuji

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Thank you very much for the detailed response. There are quite a few new things here that I was not aware of especially-

      1) I didn't realize that Sri Ram had appeared in a different mahayuga. I thought He appeared in this mahayuga.

      2) I didn't realize that there are dhams named Navadvipa etc in krishnaloka.

      Overall very useful information. Thank you very much.

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      • Hare Krishna and thank you for the link Kamlesh prabhu. I have visited this site previously and found it extremely informative. Thank you.

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