Hare Krishna ,


During my childhood days once i visited Lotus Temple in Delhi,

it was the time when i was in class 2 and went along with my class.

On walking distance there is ISKCON East of Kailash,which i came to know

very late , today after visiting the Temple i thought to visited this Lotus Temple.

Well,i thought it was a hindu temple,but since my childhood memories were very fainted i could not exactly remember what it was.

In ISKCON i purchased a Bhagavad Gita for myself in Hindi language,pocket sized.

Now when i was in Lotus temple,during my exit i saw a lady asking people to take pamplets that were there in many languages , there were some foreign girls their origin language was polish.

But suddenly a girl among them said i need in Hindi not polish,i suddenly raise my eyebrows on hearing this. After a while i dont know what happened to me, i called her walking side by side to her saying

" Excuse me Madam " , she was afraid ..she did not looked at me ,walking i asked her

" Can you read Hindi" ? ,she responded yes by her head ,

i just took out Bhagavad Gita Yatharoop from my bag and gave ti to her for free .

After that i did not even bothered to look at her and tell her something .

I dont know her ,nor did she know me ,but what  happened in span of second i also do not know that.

I dont know i did right or wrong , but i just gave her within no seconds.

Don't know will she really read it or throw it,like a joke.

I wish Prabhupad message reaches her and she can make everything out of it.

Hare Krishna !

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    Thankyou all devotees for encouraging me .. now i can relax a bit.

    Hari Bol !
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    You acted as a Krishna's real gentle man, Ashwani Kumar Prabhu!!!!

    Srila Prabhupada says even single word of Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam will make one's life perfect.

    Plus pocket book is very cute and comfortable to carry especially for girls, not heavy. So for sure she won't through it.

    Your servant, 

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      Hare Krsna Mata ji,

      What i really feel is Indian people are even worse than western people,

      the way she was afraid of me in public place like Lotus Temple proved that to me,

      whole India is facing the heat of uninterrupted increasing crimes on women.

      This really makes me bow down with shame,if we indian ourself are engadged in this

      what culture will we preach to them.

      she was right on her part , but things need to change.

      I pray !

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  • i have done this, i have gathered wealth, i will enjoy a powerful kingdom, i have enacted change, i will also enjoy good life with aristocratic relatives


    ... in the gita you gave away krishna says that some people think they are the doers of action and so they think they are the elements which cause action and reaction and thus change, rather than seeing God as the doer.
    prabhu, the book you gave has given me countless hours of pleasure and knowledge, how can you be held at fault by people like me, on the other side, one can say that perhaps krishna in your heart pushed you to perform such an action, and thus fruit of your own bhakti or devotion, such an event took place. also taking into consideration her own devotion which brought her to that place where you both met.
    Tying the knot between 2 loose ends, the stream of isckon is joined through the bhagavad gita in your hands to hers.

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