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  • Jaya Nitai. Please see below purports by Srila Prabhupada:

    "As such, before the creation or manifestation of the material cosmic world, the Lord exists as total energy (maha-samasti), and thus desiring Himself to be diffused to many, He expands Himself further into multitotal energy (samasti). From the multitotal energy He further expands Himself into individuals in three dimensions, namely adhyatmic, adhidaivic and adhibhautic, as explained before (vyasti). As such, the whole creation and the creative energies are nondifferent and different simultaneously. Because everything is an emanation from Him (the Maha-Visnu or Maha-samasti), nothing of the cosmic energies is different from Him; but all such expanded energies have specific functions and display as designed by the Lord, and therefore they are simultaneously different from the Lord. The living entities are also similar energy (marginal potency) of the Lord, and thus they are simultaneously one with and different from Him.

    SB 2.10.13 Purport

    (Bhakti Sandarbha, Paragraph 286)

    tathA pITha-pUjAyAM bhagavad-dhAme zrI-guru-pAdukA-pUjanam evaM saGgacchate | yathA ya eva bhagavAn atra vyaSTi-rUpatayA bhaktAvatAratvena zrI-guru-rUpo vartate, sa eva tatra samaSTi-rUpatayA sva-vAma-pradeze sAkSAd-avatAratvenApi tad-rUpo vartata iti

    "The worship of the Pitha in Bhagavan’s abode is conducted together with the worship of Sri Guru’s shoes. As Bhagavan assumes a localized form (vyasti-rupa) in His descent as Sri Guru in the form of a devotee, this form also appears as a direct descent on the left side of His collective form (samasti-rupa)."

  • Thank you so much prabhuji
    Hare krishna

    Vedanta Article : Vyashti and Samashti
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