Vinegar as a baking ingredient vs. as a condiment

Hari bol!

I know that we don't use vinegar as a condiment for flavoring in dressings and things, but my question is in reference to a type of vegan cake called "Whacky" cake.  It's very simple, but it requires a chemical reaction between the acid in vinegar and the base in baking soda in order for the cake to rise.  Is this acceptable or would this render the cake unofferable?  

Thank you!

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  • Volunteer

    Vinegar? I saw Devotees using it for making paneer. So maybe it can be used also in making salads.

    But maybe we can use apply vinegar or so.

    But since it is in the mode of ignorance and passion better not to use it always.

    Your servant, 

    • Thank you, prabhu!

      Hari bol!

      Bhaktin Jamie

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