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I am at a lossMy mind is stopedI am hearing thatMan is a puppet &Our only freedom isone of the choiceWho will be my puppetmaster?This is perplexing for meAs I. Come from a long lineof so-called dominant males.Thing is I. Quest for knowledgeNot for an owner!I understand however, that returning /-Addvancing to a better world or an improved circumstance at the time of death is. the preferable out come of researching & participating in this Krishna's HareNama-prescription!My Intelagence is disturbed but this situation I'm not seeing myself as aKnee-buckeled Servent of GOD or of Mya.I invasion or immagin myself as a Sage /a seeker who has become successful! However, now that the ranks of zealous men & Gods have been thined & the liberated path sacred all I'm hearing is GOD will take from me every accomplishment & possession as a jester of love? The problem isThis was never my intended results. Am I wrong minded to not be feeling like unconditional abandonment of all karmic reciprocation with my past works & present potentials is the solution to accomplishing a safer more secure & destiny? Shaken on all levels of my being I'm hoping for some comforting encurragment. Am I. At my best a lapdog? Or is thear a place in ISKCON for the practical application of this knowledge in the material world Or NOT? Is this program simply a " Been me up or through me down Sittuwation?

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