We live in a world where the average person is bombarded with advertisements virtually every few minutes! Not only that, but the advertisements are so slickly designed and crafted that people often able to resist there lure. How are we suppose to compete with that?? 

I'm a videographer from Wellington, New Zealand and have been searching for a long time for really great outreach videos that give some insights into bhakti yoga philosophy in a way that the general public might be able to relate to. Videos that we can use to fight all the incredible, tantalising and distracting videos that are online already. 

What is your opinion of the quality of the current videos that represent the 'Hare Krishna' movement?

For my studies I've started a channel called Spirit Matters, which aims to make it easy for people to be introduced to Krishna consciousness, to explore Krishna consciousness and to share Krishna consciousness to others. It's very much at its beginning stages, I hope to produce a lot more videos in the future that touch on a whole variety of aspects of bhakti yoga.

What are your thoughts of the channel? Are the videos something that you would share with people to help them on there path to Krishna?


Many thanks for your opinion! 

Your servant, 

Lavanya-keli Devi Dasi 

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  • Hare krishna!,

    These videos can be good motivater and pleasing for krishna loving people!!!Go on!

    Hare krishna

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