HK all prabhu's and mataji's all glories to srila prabupad my questionI practicing the kc since from 2 years every thing going good and well when i joined the kc i do chanting of 8 rounds daily but after one and half year i got job after getting the job every thing going well but the fact is that i dont able to get the time to do chanting so i never did chanting and either gone to temple since when i got the job, but after 2 months of my job i lost my mind and i cant explain here what i feel and what is going in my life i did nothing able to understood i just lost all the words and cant able to speak the even single word in office or in home i cant able to give the correct answer to the people i complety changed and i feeld that i came in the world of demons and they are convincing me to do the vad things in life, after that i started eating the meat, drinking, ect all dab things get attracted to me, from other i i was very decent person i never used to do this things in life ever, now i feel to diei dont want to die i know what i am, i think god is punishning me............ i just waiting that god plz understand meplz gv me suggestion anybody i am very depressed and desperatly want to die nowur serventvishnu reddy

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  • job is sometimes a temporary hell, to purify ourselves. Due to responsibilities, we have to carry on and pray to Krsna, so that we can stick and make money for surviving. We come to know how hard it is to crush our ego. Its better we talk to our family members and prabus regarding what is happening in our proffesional life, they will care for us. And make us understand they are there for us always. We need so much care and shelter, our soul always seeks shelter. When we see that we have such nice devotees and family members, and Krsna by our side, slowly we would learn the art of surviving at our work place. But we should never quit the job, till we find another one. Its possible that things will get alright, but in anger leaving it will not be considered intelligent, rather careless ness. Pray to Krsna, chant more, Pray to radharani, definetly things will be fine.

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    Krishna confirms in Gita--

    kaunteya pratijānīhi

    na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśyati


    O son of Kuntī, declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes.

    • There is no need to do anything abruptly.

      It has taken you a while to get into the habit of intoxication so take your time to get out of it.

      The gradual way is the best although Krishna can enter like a thief in your heart and vanish with your troubles. :)

      Please read all the comments posted by the devotees again and again until you are satisfied.

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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!! You retrace your steps, you let Maya win. That is not the mission of Krishna Consciousness.

    Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura once instructed a disciple at the time of initiation into the Hare Krishna mantra that Krishna should be allowed to land in our hearts, just as an army is landed by the navy. An army is carried by a ship, and when they have landed, the fight begins, and they capture the country, just as Julius Caesar said, “Veni vidi vici: I came, I saw, I conquered.” So, we have to allow Krishna to land in our hearts. Then the fight will begin.

    What is the proposal of Krishna consciousness, and what is the proposal of so many other conceptions? They are all giving us their assurances from time immemorial, saying, “I shall give you this, I shall give you that,” but the Krishna conception will enter and say, “My claim is this: the whole thing is mine, and you are all trespassers.” The fight will begin; the unwanted things are sure to withdraw, and Krishna consciousness will capture the whole heart. This is the process. Krishna consciousness has only to land within our hearts. Somehow or other, from a pure devotee, a bit of real Krishna consciousness should enter through our ears into our hearts, and Krishna will supply whatever is required. One who has imbibed even a slight regard for Krishna consciousness is assured of success in spiritual life, today or tomorrow.

    We may have erected high walls on all sides to protect ourselves so that Krishna consciousness may not enter, but Krishna is a thief, and a thief requires no invitation. No preparation is necessary for his welcome. He will enter for his own interest, and that is our consolation. Our solace is that Krishna is a thief. Maya has erected her high walls on all sides, but nothing is sufficient to stop Krishna consciousness. Krishna is a thief, and stealthily he will enter one day.

    A devotee may become hopeless, thinking, “The enemy is within my own house; my own kinsmen are my enemies. I am hopeless.” We may become disappointed, but Krishna consciousness will not leave us in any way. Krishna will persevere, and in due course of time, he will conquer. And other things, no matter how closely related they may be in private and well-protected rooms in our hearts, will have to go. They must take leave from every corner of our hearts. Krishna will conquer. Krishna will capture the whole thing. The unwanted lusty desires of our heart are foreign things. They are only mushrooms. Like mushrooms, they come out; they have no permanent stability or root. They are not rooted to the soil. We may think that what we have stored in our hearts is very near and dear, and that is already mixed with us as a part of our existence, but when Krishna consciousness enters, that will all float like mushrooms.

    After all, they are mushrooms; they have no footing, no connection with the soil. They are only floating. All material interests are only floating on the surface. They are not deeply rooted within and without the whole of our existence. Only Krishna consciousness is present everywhere, within all parts of our existence. So, the mushrooms will have to vanish one day. This is confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam(2.8.5)

    pravistah karna-randhrena
    svanam bhava-saroruham
    dhunoti samalam Krsnah
    salilasya yatha sarat

    When Krishna enters the heart through the ear, he captures the lotus of the heart and then gradually makes all the dirt in the heart disappear. Just as when the autumn season comes, all the water everywhere becomes pure, so also, when Krishna enters our hearts, all the impurities within will gradually vanish, and only Krishna will remain forever.

  • Hare Krishna !! My humble pranAms to Krishna and Bhakthas !!

    (1) Vishnu prabhuji, Krishna (Vishnu) is already closer to you by your name. So, whenever someone calls you by name, take a second or to remember Krishna. Once you remember Krishna before you respond to a material transaction, He will grant you buddhi to perform Dharma and divert you from adharma.

    (2) Continue to chant your daily rounds of mahamantra, that is the only medicine that can lift you from Samsara. Mahamantra is the sole medicine to cure material illness

    (3)Pray to Lord Hanuman with all your heart. Hanumanji, is Siva Amsa and he can destroy your material sins. He'll help you fight the tendencies you've for the forbidden things (meat eating, drinkingetc.). If you pray to Panchamukhi Hanuman that'll be more beneficial. As a bhaktha of Rama (Krishna), he'll get your lost 'devotion to krishna' just as he found Sita mataji and gave her the ring from Rama. Chant Hanuman Chalisa / Hanuman Kavacha everyday and pray earnestly to him to give you the strength to fight materialism and earn the merit of Bhakthi.

    In service to Krishna and bhakthas,


  • Hare Krishna 

    Prabhuji, Krishna is with you, you are still able to understand the bad from good. Your sincere efforts will be blessed by Krishna, the all merciful. Please follow as Mirnal mataji has guided in simple small steps. Start chanting, and everything will be fine. Prabhuji I have personally gone through this stages and have found that the association of devotees is  very very important, please do not leave the association of devotees, visit temple, chant and you will know how to overcome this situation.

    Hari bol 

  • hare krishna prabhu............

    start chanting .............dont feel bad

  • Harekrishna prabuji.Take 2 or three days leave and spend whole time in temple to recharge ur body,mind ,heart spiritually.If u hav time read about the inspiring and great vaistnavas(like prabhupad, radhanadhswamimaharaj).Dependency will solve all the problems,so in all situations depend on krishna.Krishna is so kind ,krishna will protect u.
  • hare krsna


    all glories to srila prabhupadha

    param vijayate sri krsna sankirtan

    vaishnava are parha dukha dukhi mean s they are very kind for the people who are suffering in this material world

    we all are suffering i came to usa so that i may make little money previous i was brahmhchari then i got married later i came to us i thought in a short time i will be back to india but that was not the case recently i started to work for m vitamin but the suffering increased its not easy there were many impediments my mind body consciousnees and from other etc but i never gave up krsna consciousness even though so many impediments were there i rise early in the morning attend mangal aarti chant read try to associate with devotees eat prasadam and try to do some service seva as much possible recently for 3 consecutive days i was in trouble first i was reserving a ticket on phone for my family and my attention went  a snake came towards me in a happy mood just one foot far as my attention went it turned back i thought to myself what to do i am in the room and i have only a broom stick i opened the door and the same moment a devotee came at the door the snake was proceeding to the door but it turned back i told the devoete to back

    and the snake left from the door next day i was coming back from the temple our neighbour has a dog there door was open and it came  running to bite me i took out my slippers to hit it it went back came again by the time the neighbours came and caught it 3rd day i was walking on the shelf of the ware house and the whole shelf came down luckily nobody was there i am sorry to say all this

    this body belong to krsna and should be used in krsnas service and not for suicide

    krsna conscious is a great benediction given by sri chaitanya mahprabhu and srila prabhupadha

    dont miss this oppotunity in this human form of life  do some service for the pleasure of krsna chant read and associate with devotees hear krsna katha and use some part of your income in krsnas service instead of using in abominable activities  hare krsna the devotees have answered your question so please try to follow  hari bhol

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    :-) Hare Krishna! Thank You for inspiring words Aakash Menon Prabhu!
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