Verses that glorify Lord Krishna and Radha Rani

Hare Krishna!


I am trying to collect verses that glorify lord Krishna and Radha rani so that I can learn and recite them for their pleasure. I have found one that glorifies lord Krishna's beauty-

If you all can find a few other verses that glorify them, then kindly post them here along with their serial number and the name of the scripture.

(I know I could be asking too much but if you can also tell the pronunciation, then it would be great because I'm still learning sanskrit, so I don't know how to pronounce many words and I won't be able to sing them for lord Krishna and Radha Rani)

thank you so much!!

Hare Krishna!


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  • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

    learn these basic slokas. If you these then you can go ahead. and learn other slokas.

    In these also there is Krishna and Radha's stuti slokas and both radha krishna stuti too. They are like initial slokas to be learnt by all. Daily sing these slokas first then start chanting. That is more then enough. But if you want to learn more  then gopi geet Should be learnt. Damodarashtakam should be learnt.  If you want to learn some Important BG slokas.
    There are 108 important BG slokas to be memorised and learnt if possible. It is must for a preacher to learn all these. If you want to be devotee. Just Mahamantra chanting along with Mangalacharan slokas are more then enough.

    There is ocean to learn if one wants to learn there is no end. 18,000 verses of SB and 700 slokas of BG also can be learnt.

    these are most important slokas of BG if memorised it is good. But I don't think Krishna test our sanskrit knowledge. All that Krishna wants is just our love.

    Love can be expressed even my the blind and dumb person or even those who lost his sanity. Lord can understand the words spoken by a stammering person also.

    If a child blabbers also, no one can understand its language but the mother will. 

    Krishnashtakam, Damodarashtakam., gopi geet , Venu geet, Chorashtakam these are glorifying Lord Sri krishna.

    these are priliminary things if possible learn some of them.

    Hare Krishna


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    • Hare Krishna Mata ji!

      thank you so much! i'll try to learn the venu gita first because I know a little about it already

      Hare Krishna

  • The Hare Krishna Maha-mantra:

    Harinama Maha-mantra
    Śrī Śrīmad Bhaktivedānta Nārāyaṇa Gosvāmī Mahārāja compiled this booklet to educate the public at large about the mahā-mantra, using quo...
    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!
      really liked this answer prabhuji! so simple yet so nice! thank you!

      Hare Krishna!

      • Yeah the entire maha-mantra each word has a meaning, look in the book.

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