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Vedic Science

Aim :  To display a Scientific Life Style base on Vedic Values and Traditions + Effects on our behavioral  and  mental health, thus living a trouble-free life with high thinking, along with God consciousness, making our life more  complete and perfect.

Dear Friends 

Is anybody interested to do something different or want to add value to their life and the life of others? There is a lot we can do along with what we are currently doing in our everyday life by just adding creative ideas and using our potential to the fullest.

Here we go….

Imposing restriction on child to be competitive in his field or to compel a child to earn fame and power sterilizes the creativity and imagination of a child. So it is very essential on the part of parents to nourish every child with a Moral and Spiritual Education which will guard them to a certain extent against the imbibing of vices & imbibes superior Sanskars. It helps to keep temptation at bay and offers a springboard which cushions against the rude shocks of life.

One such member of Krishna Consciousness with a vision in life is asking for real help by getting engaged with intellectual minds that can shape the future of ignited souls.

We work for younger generation...in a way to assist them flourish from both Spiritual and material plane. We provide and make some PPT and recreational activities which will help them to develop skills like Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Creativity, Communication, Self-direction Plus on their Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Cultural progress.

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u very much.
Hare Krishna.

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