Vamana Incarnation

Hare Krishna!!!

Dandwat Pranam!! PAMHO, AGTSP,

Requed to clarify my doubt, on Vamana incarnation.

Why was Vamana Deva as dwarf?

He could have come in normal size brahmana instread of a dwarf to fulfill his mission.



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  • Hare Krishna,

    God knows past ..present and future births of any person.

    Bali Maharaja is grandson of Prahalada maharaj. and Lord has given Prahalaad maharaj a promise that He would never hurt/Kill any of his descendents and all his coming descendents would be Vishnu bhakts only.

    Now Bali Maharaj was a excellent devotee of Lord Vishnu and he was righteous king. He righteously won over Indra in battle. Only thing is Indra's mother Aditi wanted  his son to be on the heaven and other demigods also requested Lord Vishnu to make sure that a demon king wont sit on the throne of Indra. But what to do? Lord Vishnu cannot kill Raja Bali. He gave promise to Prahalaad maharaj and more over Bali is righteous king and also a devotee of Lord. 

    Aditi and Kashyap muni prayed to Lord to protect their son Indra and also Lord give them boon that He would be born to them and do something that will evert this condition.  Lord didn't want to kill him. He just want to take back all that.. Raja Bali has righteously earned. Raja Bali conquered three worlds.

    So He has to trick to get back all the lost 3 worlds back. If He comes as a slayer of demons.. there would be definetly fight among demons and demigods and Lord Vishnu will have to kill Raja Bali which He was not willing to do.

    So He comes as a Brahmin boy who is asking Bhiksha that too who is just undergone sacred thread cermony and is coming to all to ask bhiksha ...Its a norm that when sacred thread cermony is done in brahmins.. they go to some people to ask bhiksha and they don't say no to that person. they have to donate to the new dwija ( twice born brahmin).

    This is best way Lord could have come in. Brahmin and that too who just undergone sacred thread ceremony and asking bhiksha.. No one can say no to that brahmina its a sin.

    Secondly.. He takes this drawf form to disguise his natural efflugent tall beautiful long handed broad chested body.. Who can be easily recognised as Lord Vishnu.

    When drawf brahmin who is so small in appearance asked just 3 pace of land.. Raja Bali just laughed.. You are so small and that too.. your tiny feet .. you will cover only small portion of land.. ask for something big. I am 3 loka natha now. As I have even conquered Indra's throne.. ask for something big he said.. 

    the Vamana just smiled that there you go.. you are already tricked. Lord is deceitful, tactful. If  HE wants HE can make you surrender at HIS feet without using any weapon nothing just simply asking 3 feet bhoomi.

    Shukracharaya however got doubt and even alerts Raja Bali that He must be demon slayer that decietful Lord Vishnu. But Raja Bali felt if  He is that great God whose chest is all occupied by Laxmi ji who is Laxmipati Himself and  HE coming in front of my house and asking for daan (spreading His hands.. I am on the upper hand .. I am only a winner)  I am in giving position and He the Supereme Lord who is Laxmi pati is in taking position from me. How can I not use this oppurtunity of giving daan? I am not a selfish person.  Raja Bali actually was  devotee of Lord also. How will he lose this oppurtunity?

    Look here..Drawf avatar was just to decieve these demons. and take the land back If He comes in Lord Vishnu form.. They wont do that donation.

    No one can say no to a brahmin vatu. That too small drawf little person .. so harmless being ..Lord just tricked this Raja Bali into this deal.

    One more important thing happened here.

    Bali Maharaj's daughter Ratnamala was attracted to that Vamana avatar she felt mother affection for Him. Seeing this little form of Lord whose eyes and body showering efflugence of Brahmina. tejas..she felt aha.. if only I was a mother to this boy and if only I can breast feed him atleast once.

    See Lord who knows future births and He comes to give her boon also mentally as she thought this Lord accepted her motherly feeling and said thathasthu!!!!

    But when Shukracharya declared that this boy is none other than demon slayer Vishnu Himself. Ratnamala got hate feeling and said.. I want to feed this boy my milk which are poisoned and kill him. Lord heard that thought also as Lord is Supersoul antaryaami said Thathasthu!!!

    In course of time....during dwapar yuga this same Ratnamala became Pootna and got liberated at the hands of Lord and Lord gave her the status of mother.

    See Lord comes in this form.. It has many reasons...Its leela of Lord. Lord knowing past, present future of every being.. He does take avatar depending on all factors..Its not a meaningless..avatar. 

    Every action of Lord has lot of deep meaning. Why He takes this form has many many more meanings which we may not even know.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Dandwat Pranam!!!

      This response glorious and convincing.



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