Vaishnav Acharyas as freedom fighters

Prabhu ji,

Kindly furnish the list of vaishnav acharyas who laid their life while fighting against the autocratic and oppressive rule of both Muslims and Britishers.

Is it true , Bhakti Siddhant Sarswati Thakur  welcomed(he didn't oppose !!!)  King George the fifth when he visited Bharat in 1911?

You kindly suggest the opinion one should form about Gaudiya Sampraday( including current day ISKCON also, because your roots are in Gaudiya Sampraday/Math)  when it  was not fighting against the looters of Bharat Mata .

Thanks !!!

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  • Thanks ! Mayapurvasi Das  ji .You have resolved the query.

    Hare Krishna !!!

  • Mataji ! Hare Krishna !

    Your reply is incomplete ; your reply is carrying the essence of guilt .
    I asked :
    1. The list of .............(refer to the question)
    2.Why Srila Bhakti Sidhnant Thakur didn't oppose the visit of King George the fifth in 1911 when he visited Bharat ?

    Sikh Gurus fought against Muslims

    There are several sikh freedom fighters because their religion teaches to fight against the bad,immorality and misconduct and theft .

    Forget about Muslims and Britishers , only remember looters ,people who raped innocent women , people who grabbed the land of others through trick and deceit , people who made several people homeless and landless only because the looters want to expand their empire .
    There is no end to my commentary but I want a concrete solution from you . A solution to this problem that Bhakti Siddhanth Saraswati Thakur welcomed a plunderer. Bhakti Siddhant Sarswati Thakur was not a kid , he was very well aware of the situation prevailing in Bharat at that time . Bhakti Siddhant Sarswati Thakur's welcoming a thief by the name of King George the fifth only implies that all the freedom fighters namely Chtrapati Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Bhagat Singh , Chander Shekhar Azad , Subhash Chandra Bose , Udham Singh Kamboj , there a re many names ; all were fools . From the other angle , this only labels gaudiya sampraday as traitors .
    Kindly notice : In your further reply avoid giving some foolish explanations from some branded books of your sampraday
    • In my earlier reply  it was stated 'Forget about Muslims and Britishers' . This means a looter has no religion . Judge the person by his deeds .I am focused here, on the deeds/actions of attackers on Bharat  in the past, against whom several desh bhakats fought to protect their freedom . Attacks on Bharat were committed by people of western hemispheres  or other hemispheres of this planet .  But the deeds of attackers were not appreciable but worthy of objections and halt  as I have earlier mentioned . What was the role of Bhakti Siddhant Sarswati Thakur ? He received with pleasure and hospitality  into this home  the leader of attackers !. Kindly give a suitable reply for this action of your spiritual leader

      • hare krishna atul prabhu,

        regarding your question, first you have to know about the definition of vaishnava. when you will understand the meaning of vaishnava, then you will realize that vaishnavas are doing highest benefecial work for whole society.

        now proceed according to scriptures, our DHARMA is VARNAASHRAMA DHARMA, whole society is classified in four category... brahmin(intellectual class) ,kshtriya(administration class),vaishya (business class) , sudra(labour class).. all these classes has their own duties according to their qualities. now if we go in past freedom fighting days.... fighting for freedom is just not only that take out sword or gun and attack on other, this way is classified for the people who are kshtriyas, because naturally they have quality to fight like this. SO SIKHA PEOPLE are kshtriyas by nature, they choose this way to fight against enemy, and this is the duty of KSHTRIYAS to protect coomon men by fighting against evil spirits. so all the gurus of SIKH were actually kshtriya by nature, like we have in our past LORD PARSURAM...SO THE WAY OF FIGHTING TO EVIL is depend according to nature and qualities of person. like VAISHYA PEOPLE FOUGHT by rejecting british goods and give emphasis on using SWADESI in ASAHAYOG AANDOLAN, thus they are also freedom fighters. SUDRA DID their work according to their qualities by organising stikes and marches all. so all fought according to their ability. this is the VARNAASHRAM system of VEDIC india.

        now come on VAISHNAVISM... all these classes BRAHMIN, KSHTRIYAS, VAISHYA, SUDRA... when do their duties for pleasing only KRISHNA then they are called VAISHNAVA. VAISHNAV may be from any sect or VARNA , its not a hurdle in this path.

        now questioning about BHAKTI SIDHDHANT SARASWATI THAKUR, he is the one of the great spiritual leader till now...the ultimate messege of BHAGVAD GEETA is that we are souls, not the body of lump and flesh. the caste, the nationality, the colour of skin, these all are designations which can change birth after birth. now we are indian and saying BHARAT MATA KI JAY... may be in next birth we will born in PAKISTAN..then we will say PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD. so first we have to understand by law of karma everyone got their nationality , colour, caste etc. but in actual we all are part and partial of supreme personality krishna. so lord krishna gave us the principle of VASUDHA EVA KUTUMBAKAM...and BHAKTI SIDHDHANT SARASWATI WAS IN A ROLE OF BRAMIN ( although VAISHNAV is beyond all designations), and brahmin's work is to preach all people about the messege of lord krishna. so at his level he also did service for nation, because if the brtisher king would understand the teachings of BHAGVAD GEETA  then automatically he will come on the plateform of soul and he will understand that every living entity is his or her brother and sister, so why we spreading hatred. this is the highest messege. and in GETA LORD KRISHNA tells.." YAD - YAD AACHARTI SHRESTHA..."  "MEANS COMMON PEOPLE FOLLOW ONLY THE EXAMPLES ARE SET BY LEADERS." so if anyone can convince the leaders of society the right way of life then common men will automatically follow it. so on this principle THE GREAT ACHARYA BHAKTI SIDHDHANT always met to higher authority people for convincing them about messege of GEETA. 

        now the last understanding is that it doesn't matter that mugals are in government or britishers are in government or indians are in government, if we are not able to please lord by our deeds then there is no possibility of peace and happiness in socity.GEETA tells us.."BHOKTARAM YAJNA TAPSAM..." means by only satisfying lord sri KRISHNA one can attain actual peace. so according to given quality everyone can please KRISHNA, like arjuna satisfied KRISHNA by fighting and PRABHUPAD satisfied KRISHNA by preaching the messege of GEETA , all over the world and made many fallen souls, PURE DEVOTEES ... VAISHNAVAS...

        i hope you can get something in my answer, still you have doubt we can discuss.

        thank you, hare krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    British, Indian, Black, White, man, woman - these are merely bodily designations. The first thing we are told is that we are not body, we are soul.

    You are in Indian body this birth, who knows, maybe you were in British body in an earlier birth or will become in next birth.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • The only enemy we have is our uncontrolled mind.

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