Vaidhi Bhakti and Raganuga Bhakti

Hare Krishna devotees.

Srila Prabhupada says by following the process of Vaidhi Bhakti we can gradually elevate into Raganuga Bhakti. But how is this possible since the 2 are different paths and lead to different goal. Vaidhi Bhakti is supposed to lead us to Vaikuntha so if we practise this how will we go to goloka??

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  • "YoSi-Socy" We are What We are"
  • Bhakti - means serve unconditional,? Hence any & all expectations of winding up hear or there on this planet or the other seems contradictory to it to me. Indeed it/Bhakti seems to me to be an invitation from Krishna Himself to participate in the Gobi-Rahsa & what could be higher than absolute unconditional Faith? Perhaps it is because of my lack of good intelligence that I'm only imagining that The "gobiRahsa" as the "perfect fit" for those souls such as mine that have no pride nore reasion to be in posession of any expectancy as a rewords other than The liberating-presences of Krishna's occasional awareness of me & within my heart as for me & in conclusion this Rahsa which is gleened from "Experiencel-knowledge' is where I am happely at. & as far as attempting to extract or expect any specific results as a result of my personal spiritual inquires, or works seems to me as quite impersonal & not a path I would be interested in. As it is, that I know & understand that is my karma plus Krishna's causless compassion only that has affored me even this singular opportunity to serve He & Srila Prahbupodda's purposes, & perhaps 10,000 years from now be afforded some greater degree of comforts & shelter from the inherent karmic rath of my own innate inadequate ses However, I wish you & those like you well on you path to earn & or deserve deliverance God knows I do understand the ergency ) good luck with that. & may Love of God be the fruits of your devotional indevers! Plese desier the same for me & that, that acquired loving attachment be enough to inspire KRISHNA to "someday allow this shamefully broken worthless Soul to return Home eventually & eternally!
  • Hare Krishna.
    Kindly understand the deep implications of the subject being discussed from a sastric basis before commenting on this thread.
    All of the quotations above by Raj Sakha Prabhu have already confirmed that your conclusion is not correct, both from CC and BRS.
    Simply by pleasing Krishna through acts considered Vaidhi Bhakti, one cannot attain Goloka Vrindavana, but one can enter into the rest of Vaikuntha, which is also part of the spiritual world.  Vraja is unique and to enter there one must have a specific relationship with Krishna, either Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya or Madhurya, and with awe and reverence not featured predominantly, to enter into that relm.  The Cowherd boys jump on Krishna's back and restle with him.  We can't do that in the rest of Vaikuntha where awe and reverence predominates.  Neither can we enter into such intimate acts with Krishna without establishing that type of specific relationship with him which qualifies entry.  This is established already through the thread of this discussion.  Kindly read through the thread carefully.

    In service

    Yamuna Jivana dasa

    • One can achieve Lords abode only  by pleasing the Lord, that's why the offenders all effort is like putting the water in the broken pot, no matter which path they take.

      Im sore you don't need scriptural reference for that.


      • Hare Krishna.
        Evidently you are not understanding.
        You are implying imperfect logic by inferring in your statement that pleasing the Lord has no degrees of comparitiveness.  The Vaidhi Bhaktas in Vaikuntha please the Lord, and the Raga Bhaktas in Goloka also please the Lord but there is a difference in how they please him.  The former is by reverential service and the latter by spontaneous acts of devotion which often even break the rules of Vaidhi Bhakti.
        And yes there is scriptural reference, which is needed and available for this to be understood.
        In BRS 1.2.270 it is stated:

        Raganuga-bhakti is defined as that bhakti which follows after the ragamika-bhakti found distinctively in the inhabitants of Vraja.

        That is Rupa Goswami speaking directly. Now Here is Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s Commentary:
        That is called raganuga-bhakti which follows after the ragatmikabhakti which manifests (virajantim) distinctively (abhivyaktam) in the inhabitants of Vraja.

        Raganuga Bhakti is distinctly only in Vraja, and not available to Vaidhibhaktas characterised by reverence.  Those are reserved for the rest of Vaikuntha.

        When you include the offenders into this discussion it is clear you are confused by comparing factors that do not apply to this discussion.  We are comparing Vaidhi bhaktas to Ruganuga Bhaktas only.  They are all devotees but there is a distinction as pointed out above by the Acaryas.

        Anyway I think I've made my point clear enough and will not add further to this discussion.  Not everyone will understand these things, and that is also understandable.  I also do not think it wise to continue this discussion on a public forum more than necessary and with those who cannot grasp the subject.

        Raj Sakha Prabhu who has asked the initial question may kindly refer to Uttamasloka Prabhu's book as I pointed out earlier. It is a very revealing book and as I said, really helped me to understand this point.

        In service,

        Yamuna Jivana dasa


          Those who claim Lord Narayana and Lord Krishna to be two different persons, do not know Absolute truth. Because of that, what kind of knowledge one can learn by reading  their literature. 



  • One should understand, that no matter what kind of process one take, if one please the Lord, By His mercy one will for shore attain the abode according to devotee desire. 

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu.
    This is a very good question.
    Vaidhi Bhakti can take one back to Vaikuntha, and one can attain the level of Krishna Prema without a specific type of relationship with Krishna.  Raganuga Bhakti is a unique feature of devotion to Krishna and specific to Vraja, with its own unique abhidheya or practice.  This is all described in Bhakti-Rasamrita-Sindhu, which I am currently reading.

    Prabhu, if you really are interested in establishing a specific type of relationship with Krishna in Vraja, then you *must* read Uttamasloka Prabhu's book "The Realization and Manifestation of your Eternal Identity".
    It is a most wonderful, eye-opening book. I have read it and it was the beginning of new life for me.
    And no, it is not at all against Prabhupada's teachings. It in fact explains Prabhupada very clearly against the background of the previous Acaryas as well, making the book most authentic.

    Here is the link. I strongly suggest you also contact Uttamasloka Prabhu once you start reading his book. He is a very personal devotee and helps you through the questions you may have while reading. I am most grateful to him for the way he has been guiding me, it was exactly what I needed in a spiritual guide, something I never found before in my life.  I have no reservation in admitting this simply because it is true.

    Also, Uttamasloka Prabhu is a disciple of our Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, founder/acarya of Iskcon.  Just wanted to make this clear. :-)

    Ok so here's the link to his book on his forum:

    I hope this helps you.

    You are welcome to write me privately on ykhandoo followed by the At sign, followed by Webmail, then the full stop sign, then (I had to mask this to prevent spam robots, sorry).

    Your servant,

    Yamuna Jivana dasa

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    Thank You for this reply Prabhuji,

    Your servant,

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    Hare Krishna Raj Sakha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Please, could You refer to the source where You read that Raganuga and Vaidhi Bhaktis have 2 different goals?

    Raganuga bhakti can be done only when one is pure. But if one is not yet pure he should purify himself by following rules and regulations. Vaidhi bhakti means when one has do devotional service with some force but when one reaches Raganuga state one cannot survive without service. And serves to the Lord spontaneously. 

    If i do not make mistake even in Vaikuntha planets Devotees serve to the Lord in Raganuga Bhakti. 

    In this way goals and way are the same but distance between them little bit different. 

    Your servant, 

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