unconditional apology


From: Rashmi Khaitan
Sent: 15 December 2014 10:12
To: 'Chirag Sharma'
Subject: RE: Unconditional Apology


Hare Krsna Chirag Prabhuji,


I should be the one to apologise and believe me, I would have done it today first thing in the morning, on IDT Discussion Forum itself. I thought that if we can have a public spat, we should also have a public reconciliation. Past 2-4 days, I have been too busy and due to some office exigency, I had to get my internet connection in office disconnected and has got reconnected only now. That’s why I have not been able to visit IDT yet.

Pls believe me, whatever has happened, I do not carry anything in my heart.

I am very fallen prabhu, I am also struggling in my journey back home, though a lot of people think I am a pure devotee. That’s why I keep on clarifying on the forum that I am not. I am full of anarthas, as you have seen. Please pray that atleast I do not hurt anyone anymore. My purpose is to go back, not to gather more anarthas.

Prabhu, if you do not come back to the forum, I will feel responsible for driving away a good, sincere sadhaka like you. Will Krsna every give me His mercy then?

You are trained by my favourite people – HG Acharya Ratna Prabhuji is so sincere and so austere. I have never spoken to him, I hold him in the highest regard. In Kolkata temple, brahmacharis maintain very high standard  -  they stay so far away from matajis and don’t even look at our faces, their eyes are down if at all they have to talk to us for anything.


I am and will remain your servant,



From: Chirag Sharma [mailto:chirag.iitkgp@gmail.com]
Sent: 14 December 2014 12:25
To: Rashmi Khaitan
Subject: Unconditional Apology


Hare Krishna Rashmi Mataji,


I am sorry for my extremely inappropriate comment I had made on the forum about you. Please forgive me for my behaviour. I have left the form, so I cannot make this apology official over there.

I am sure this apology is not sufficient for the mistake I had committed, but devotees love you there at the forum and they miss you there. 

I am already gone. I hope I will never be of any trouble again to any devotee.

Hare Krsna to all - some text has been deleted from both Chirag Prabhu's mail and mine deliberately.


My purpose of posting this is frequently it happens that the displeasure any devotee feels because of another devotee is aired publicly, but the apologies are done privately. I wanted everyone to know that neither Chirag Prabhu nor I are carrying any animosity in our hearts. Whatever happened was very unfortunate.

I wanted everyone to know that like it is not possible to find healthy people in a hospital - that same way we are all sadhakas and still on our journey to become devotees. We can have our differences, but it does not last long and that we are united in our common purpose of pushing each other towards Radha Krsna.

I ask forgiveness from one and all for the unfortunate incident last week, for the hurt I have caused to a lot of people and for the unrest some may have had in their minds due to our behaviour.


Your servant,




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  • Mataji pranaam,

    Even I have been offended by a devotee on here. However, unlike yourself and chirag Prabhuji, I do not believe in fighting. That does not mean that I do not have guts to fight. I can fight but all of us here are devotees of the same Lord Krishna. So why fight ?

    The person who has offended me, if you are reading this, understand that if you offend me once again, like Chirag Prabhuji, I will simply leave this forum without offending you back.

    I will understand that Lord Krishna does not want me in this forum and it would be the Supreme will of the Lord. However, Lord Krishna will always be with me in the form of the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatam & the Mahamantra.
  • oh krishna ,please forgive us for any offence toward all living entities ,

    because you are in the every heart and all offence we made to them, we actualy made to your lotus feet.

    • Mataji, I, did not want to write what I wrote above because what I wrote is visible to public. I wanted to send a private message to Dean but he has kept his profile private, so how can I send message to him ?
    • Approach of your giving answers is not correct. If any devotee writes something which is not as per Srimad Bhagavatam, then as a humble devotee you must ask that devotee from where he gathered that information instead of invalidating that devotee straight away on a public forum like this.

      According to Kalki purana Kali is a demon, if you don't believe me kindly read it. So when you invalidated me by that statement of yours you have invalidated that statement written in Kalki purana.

      Maybe no one has told this to you but you answer similarly to other devotees also. That is why I think twice before posting a question on here.
      • Hare Krishna

        Amrit ji:

        I agree with you and infact I have faced the same thing with Dean. And that also, I was replying to someone else. Even when I was expressing my views and casually talking about simple things related to devotion. He kept on posting with Book name with Chapter number and Line number again and again on something as simple as 'devotee can get tearful in  loveful emotion or not'.

        On this kind of basic things, if we need to quote scriptures, then we are not learning anything. It means we have read but nothing has entered our soul. Scriptures are highly sacred things and we should use them very carefully in required and serious situations or for learning purpose. 

        And that too,it was crystal clear he was picking lines as per his own convenience whether relevant or not. I could not explain a thing with common sense. I do not cat-quarell. Finally I deleted all my posts that time. Since then, I do not really write anything in this site. in this post, it was something between my two favorites, Rashmi ji and Chirag ji, so I posted.

        As you Amritji, preferred to defend yourself, I appreciate this. But we are all different, I prefer not to reply or give importance when someone does like this and prefer not to comment. But I guess someone has to take the call which you did.

    • Dean please do not be rude in your answers. OR Do not answer any of my questions.
      • false ego is attacking and false ego is offended.

        great devotees like sri narada and sri suka knows the truth,

        and their massage im happy to quote here for sake of everyone.

        if i said something which is not confirmed from srimad bhagavatam

        please tell me exactly, and im prepared to delete my post.

  • Volunteer

    and that all happened because of my less intelligent question :(

    It is my fault.

  • Hare Krishna To Chirag ji and Rashmi ji,

    I logged onto IDT after a few days and I saw this post. I understood that there was something unpleasant and tried to find the link related to this here....but could not find  any link or information about what happened. Without the knowledge of this particular incident - I want say a few things about both of you on the basis that I have interacted with Chirag ji in the past and read several of his post and I have also communicated with Rashmi ji several times.

    Chirag ji is one of the IDT members here who not only quote from the scriptures but also talks common sense and very logical which is actually uncommon. Usually when devotees reach a certain stage in their sadhana tend to forget the very basics of Haribhakti - which I have noticed that he has maintained very very well. This is a rare quality. The basics - to be humble/polite all the time, to be away from pride  etc. I have been noticing this about him for quite some time and always felt him to be fair. I do not know what had happened but I really do not want devotees like Chirag ji leave this forum.

    Rashmi ji - I am commenting only on the basis of my personal experience with her. In the beginning I didnt had much idea about her, but saw that some members here consider her to be a senior devotee. So, I wrote her and asked for some information related to the service of the  Lord. I was unknown to her. She had some of my answers which she wrote to me and also said she is not having some of the answers. She committed to collect those information and get back to me, which she did. I was a 'no one' to her, I was not even related to Iskcon and still she wrote me long long answers (several times) - personalised answers. She wrote encouraging letter to help me start some service for the Lord. In the beginning I felt grateful, but soon I realised that she is doing this only to e-n-c-o-u-r-a-g-e ONE MORE person into Sri Krishna devotion. She was actually doing sewa to the Lord.

    I have understood from series of the letters of Rashmi ji that she has got a genuine and strong love for the Lord.

    We are all humans - we all do mistakes  - else we wont have been here. To err is only human -many a times, we get overcome by some instincts which even we do not like and later on repent for our acts, comments or behaviour. This can happen with anyone. 

    Both of you have already apologised to each other and it is evident from this post that each has forgiven the other. So, I now request both of you to FORGIVE YOURSELVES. What has happened has happened - we have past that moment. Let both of you start with a light heart and remain connected with this site.


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