Hare krishna to all devotees... In Nectar of Devtion 51.. radharani's friend tells her that she was the most chaste girls of the village but now she is partially chase and partially unchaste... what is this suppose to mean.. is radharani (please take no offence) unchaste by not being chaste towards the husband she got married to ?? does this mean that us loving and getting attracted krishna also unchaste.. is our relationship with him unchaste.. also is krishna also then unchaste because he loves us all(no offence intended) ..please guide according to refrences etc..

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  • Hare krishna has been passed down for a long time and everyone is ingrained with the villagers' ideology for all devotees.

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  • Hare Krishna

    It is not supposed to mean anything because this is an example of uparasa (false expression). It is very clearly stated in the same paragraph. Please be very careful. 

    Hari Bol

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