• Hare Krishna,

    I came across this website which says tulasi can be offered to all vishnu tattvas including Balarama, Nityananda prabhu, Narsimha,Narayana as they are all Vishnu tattvas, apart from Krishna.

    Tulasi shouldn't be offered to guru as guru is shakti tattva not vishnu tattva.

    And this link which tells about the diety dressing and its color.

    On ekadashi deities are dressed in pink or red. It is said the reason I don't know exactly but it could be probably it is Ekadashi mata who is worshipped on Ekadashi day. Goddesss is usually decorated in red or pink.

    There was demon Mura and Lord Vishnu was fighting the demon and after a while Lord tried to take rest in a cave, and taking this oppurtunity the demon attacked Lord while in sleep. As soon as the demon tried to attack there came from the heart of the Lord a 8 handed goddess and slayed the demon, when Lord Vishnu woke up He was happy to see this and gave a boon to that goddess that those who worship YOU ( who is born from ME ) on this Ekadashi day. ( Lord named her as Ekadashi mata) signifying 11th day. I am going to give myself and offer then my permanant abode Vaikunta by dissolving all their sins. 

    Hare Krishna.

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