tulasi neckbeads

hare krishna dear devotees,

Please be kind enough to clarify my doubt. How does wearing tulasi necklace or neckbeads beneficial? can we wear everytime? can ladies on the impure days too?


can I give it to my small kids or should I wait till they grow up?


Please help me..


Your servant

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        • thank you, mataji for your advise. I dont cook non veg at home. my family member either get it from out or my husband makes it.i neither have it nor make it.

          I know it will be aparadh if my members wear tulasi neckbead and non veg and thats the very reason why i wanted to consult first and they buy it. My husband also permitted to buy tulasi neckbeads. During sandhya nama japa, my kids do chant hare krishna mahamantra along with me. they also know gayathri mantra, words still needs to be reformed, thats all. My family members do believe in Krishna. I tell my kids Krishna stories when they go to sleep. they love to hear Krishna's stories.

          Your servant

  • Sevak

    Article on the following link will be helpful:


    Why do we wear Neck-beads?
    • thank you, mataji... the link was beautiful and also very helpful.

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