Is it necessary to take guru diksha for chanting hare krsna mantra on TULSI BEADS because someone has told me that only an initiated devotee can use tualsi mala for chanting. but I am not initiated yet...Please clear my doubts dear devotees.

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  • Thank you RamaKrishna for those insites I'll now be looking for need as well. So I can't thank you enough. Sincerity to me seems to be most important in regard to who is to use/handling Tulasi but it is nice to know that we can take Her off when we need to get muchi because She/her pastimes/Rasa -tastes are historically speaking is of a very chaste auster and purified preference! Suffice it to say "(to much, Respect or Appreciation for Tulasi gee can't be shown. As it is' the devotees duty/responsibility to by means of sincere -service and loving attention to attract attach & OtherWise pull-down, the Devotional Creeper (s) of the Divinly situated.
    Tulasi there for is a most logical choice. O Tulasi please forgive us 100% of our offences & deliver us to our ultimate destination ASAP
  • Hare Krsna!!

    Dandavat Pranam!!

    Here, I would like to give you reference from Vaishnav Etiquette Manual. You can access it here http://www.vaishnavaetiquette.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Vaishn...

    On Page 9 of the above manual, it is said that one should follow 4 regulative principles if he/she wants to put Tulsi beads around his/her neck. The same principle can be extended to address your question as well wherein you are asking if Tulsi beads can be used by devotees who are not yet initiated.  

    The underlying principle is- "Mother Tulsi is a pure devotee of Krishna and hence she should be handled very carefully which also includes following 4 regulative principles before putting Tulsi beads around the neck and using them for chanting Hare Krsna Mahamantra"

    Please see the highlighted line in the attached snapshot below which I have taken from Vaishnav Etiquette Manual:



    Thanks for giving me a chance to serve!!

    Your aspiring servant,


    • Volunteer

      I think mataji was asking about tulsi beads for chanting and not kanthi mala.. 

      if I can comment further on your highlight: in the first few lines it says that "devotees can wear kanthi mala even though not initiated", so my question is why NOT highlight that?

      We need to bring devotees closer to krsna and krsna will guide them by removing their imperfections. If we go by all the things that are prohibited/restrictive while practicing bhakthi, no one will take up devotional service. We are all fallen and we know that. We need to slowly elevate ourselves.

      I have similar reservations on posts which talks about attentive chanting. I know (and every other devotee) that we need to do attentive chanting and some devotees respond saying "if you are not chanting attentively, then there is no use".. I go who said that. Dint Prabhupada make all the hippies chant even abominable rounds initially and look at them now, they are the most exalted devotees. All ways try to concentrate on the positive and that what makes the journey enjoyable.. Love krsna for what he is and not for what we can or cant do.

      Sorry about my rant. I apologise.. Lets get people closer to krsna one way or the other. Rule books will follow.

      Hare krsna..

      • Haribol!!

        Completely agree with you prabhu.

        I think I could not clarify myself properly. I became too specific in answering it rather our answers should be generic in nature on platforms like IDT whose sole purpose is to bring more and more people nearer to Krishna. 

        Yes, as you said perfectly that Krishna Consciousness is an all-inclusive process. Somehow or other bring people closer towards Krishna and the example you gave of Hippies is the evidence of Krsna-consciousness being all-inclusive. 

        Sorry prabhu for causing inconveniences and anxiety to you..

        your aspiring servant

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna,
    My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

    Short answer:

    Yes, you can chant on tulsi beads even if you are not initiated.

    Chant and be happy.

    Srila prabhupada ki jai..

    Hare krsna

    • Hare Krishna ,

      I have been chanting 12-16 rounds for quite a few months on neem mala, following the 4 regulations, hear regularly, read Srimad Bhagavatam regularly, and Bhagavad gita, associate with devotees 2 times a week on online class.

      my family is not so devotionally inclined, so although I want to give up Onion and Garlic I can't and If I rebel they won't allow me to chant also or maybe stop my devotional activities

      However, I long to chant on tulsi beads, not just because everyone is chanting but I know she is a great devotee of the lord and will bless and assist me in chanting

      Can I chant on tulsi mala or should I keep praying to the Lord to let me have an Onion and Garlic-free life?

      I will wear tulsi mala on my neck after giving up onion and garlic but what about beads for chanting?

      Please Help

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