Hare Krishna all Devotees

Dandavat pranam


I wanted to receive your precious advises..............


Sometimes we promise to go to a trip to Dham. But for any reason may be personal or official we are not in a state to go to trip. Do we commit any mistake ? Is it a valid reason or our lack of sincerity.

what we should do ? it happened in my case also. thats why I want your kind guidance.


your insignificant servant




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  • Volunteer

    lack of desire!

    where to get desire?

    from Devotees!


    By serving them like listening, associating with them.


    By chanting the Holy Names very attentively!


    To visit Holy Places is one of the 5 main principles of Devotional service to Krishna.

    Krishna loves when we visit Those places and chant the Holy Names and associate with Devotees there.

    In Holy Dhams our little service will be considered as a very big service.

    But we have to be very careful because as like good services, little offenses also will be considered very big.

    Please, do not miss such like of opportunity and go! And better if we visit those places with sincere Devotees not alone. 

    Your servant,  

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    dandavat pranam

    Thank you very much for your explanation and advises.

    yis tarumay

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