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Transformation through Work in Bible ?

There is a church in our area, Our Lady of Assumption.

The choir singers group were singing a song:

Acclimation:  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.


Based on the prayer above, can we convert and transform it into below and change the hearts of people based on:

Love Work, Bless All.

Work is Worship.


What is meant by a seeker of Self ?  seeker of Truth ?

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  • Actually work done for god, or the work whose results are offered to god is worship. This krsna recomends in gita.
    But simply fruitive work is binding, either good or bad work causes birth again and again in this world.

    Then the donkey would be considered greatest worshipper(,dont take offense!) as it works v hard.

    Infact people work oly fr bodily demands which evn animals do. Human work shud b for enlightenment, elevation , self realizations.
  • A seeker is someone who opens up for the highest truth. the eternal spiritual world and god! best wishes

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