Islam came to exist in it's present form around 1400yrs back & so do the christian philosophy before 2000 yrs around.Prior to this, did n't religion exist?Were the people without religion?The Hindu religion in its present form existed nearly before 5000yrs,The Vedas & all concerned are the evidence.So how are the rest not byproducts of Hindu religion?  The Bhagbat Gita in its present form is as old as more than 5000 yrs.   

                                                                                       (JAY SRILA PRABHUPAD KI JAY)

                                                                                                               (HARE KRISHNA)

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  • I am not great with the history, but in the end does it matter? for all is one and the absolute transcends all religion and philosophy. It would seem most of these were formed by an ascended master. In truth, there could be 80x as many followers of the Lord if only there were followers of God rather then the prohpets and messangers. This is why Lord Jesus mentioned to follow the spirit of scripture, rather then idolize with statues and likeness. There is none else beside God. Every veihcal leads to the same place.

    Much Love,


    • No religion should be judged to be a better one  from the no. of its followers. The Bhagbat Gita says "Manusyanam sahasresu kaschit jatate didhhaye,      Sidhhanam ......"  So the best kind of religion is " Sabai punsha paro dharmo, jatah bhaktir Adhokhyaje, Aheituki   apratihata   jah atma suprasidati".  So that is logic and human intelligence, That was my intention to quote. " Thou shall n't kill" is their guideline of scripture, but we see killing is very fine in the Christian world with well equipped shatter houses. Thus, what is the meaning of all religions & philosophies. How can they help man to achieve perfection in terms of religion. That is impossible. Thank you.

  • Hare krishna prb ji. Dandavath pranam. All glories to srila prabupada ,guru nd guoranga.

    Here u can find some interesting stuff

    hare krishna

  • hare krishna prabu..... all glories to SRILA PRABHUPAD

    To answer this question prabhu we have to trace our ancestors steps with the reference of purans and vedas. we have seen in may stories in our purans that there have been numerous kings in different YUGAS who have captured all enemies and have been proclaimed emperor of the those ages there was no religion like hindus or hindu religion.we were following the dharma shastras.every race was made to follw the dharma as proclaimed by the smirithi and shruti.

      KALI YUGA started when our beloved KRISHNA left bhuloka for vaikunta loka.its been approximately 5000 yrs ago KALI YUGA started.where did the history of beyond 5000 yrs go??

     As we have seen the history the british and the french had occupied all the world under their nose.we we have come to such a state that we have to refer to ENGLISH manuals for our own reference for our history.First and foremost thing they did to brain wash us is to introduce time line called AD and BC..... the christian missionaries with the ulterior motive to present that christian religion the only true religion forced people to accept all the christain way s throughout the world. (all world follw the julian calender,sunday is a holiday,). we have  our own calender and our panchanga system is the most accurate one point and precise.the british knew this and so did vatican.they systematically  erased so called PAGAN worshiping community in their part and introduced the MAYAVADI philosophy..

     these pagan worshiping community is nothing but our SANATANA DHARMA.there is one poem sung by VEDANATA DESIKAR of srivaishnava community at SRIRANGAM who at one place calls the advancing muslims and greeks as the agents of KALI who are disturbing those who are following the religious and bhakti marg.

      last to be said the vedic relation to all these new religions can never be erased although they will deny it but they were once a part of our VEDANTA history.






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    •  Thank you Prabhuji, Dandavat,     ( All glories to Srila Prabhupad )

                                                          What I mean to state is that, The Mahabharat describes the ways of civilization. It is not a qu. of the Hindus/else. It is just a logic of the facts. The vedic religion, is the oldest/first on e for the mankind. How can this be denied ? There is no question of history & the calender ways of calculations. My opinion was just to put forth an idea that we belong to the vedic religion & so do the all across the globe one day.   ......   Thanks for sharing .     ................................(HARE KRISHNA)

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