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    The tornado is calm in it's center. So that is what you have to do find and re-establish that center within yourself. Then even within maya you will remain unaffected by her.

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    It is very true - material senses are very powerful.

    And Srila Prabhupada told that we have to be fearful of Maya.

    So if we are fearful we will do all arrangements to keep ourselves in the right association.

    Radhe Prabhu nicely told if we have friends who are not favorable for our Krishna Consciousness then better to leave them...

    Association is very important. 

    When we are even alone senses will over power us. So both: to be alone and to be with karmis are very dangerous.

    So please pray, yearn, plan, desire, act keep Yourself in the right association!

    When we are with Devotees, we engage ourselves with devotional services and we won't have time for lust etc.

    And if for mean time it is not possible then we have to have association in other forms like books, films, online, prayers, and make a our timetable and force ourselves to live according to that. Also we can start to serve to Deities.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krishna Prabhu!

    KC is a sacrifice, and in this sacrifice we must do just that. Material desires can affect us as long as our attention is towards them, but if we see no difference between gold and a stone, then what can Maya possible do, since we are not interested. It's an incredibly hard thing to do. For example, suppose I am walking down the beach and I see some attractive person .. sense gratification will push me towards her, but there will be some part of your devotee self that wants to push away. The solution - walk away and try as hard as you can to think about Krishna. What I do in these circumstances is to just sing or remember a particular Hare Krishna tune ... within minutes I'm not attracted to that sense gratifying object and engaged only in singing.

    Keep your mind focused on Krishna at all times. Yes, it's possible to occasionally slip, but have faith in Krishna and learn from each slip. If it's associations (such as friends) that keeps making you meet Maya, make new friends that are devotees and share a similar mindset as you. 

    Again, KC is all about sacrifice. We have to do things which is best for the solution, to do things that will have that permanent effect, and not chase after material / temporary stuff. It's just like eating healthy food. They don't taste as yummy and delicious as those sugary sweets, but in the long run, eating healthy will keep you alive. 

    Your Servant,

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    ur pic is of Udupi Krishna isnt it..? He is so cute.. i try to see Him whenever i find time.. V should try consciously to get attracted to the beauty of Krishna...

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      Yes...the profile pic is of beautiful Udupi krishna.....and  yes.....we have to make conscious efforts to be attracted towards krishna bhakti.....

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