Tolerance and Injustice

Hare Krishna! One of my friend asked me one question to which I had no answer that was convincing enough. The question was " How can one be tolerant if an injustice has been done to them that have hurt their mind and soul deeply?" Please help me answer my friend prabhuji and mataji.

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    when we understand that all misfortunes that happen with is only because of our previous own deeds we won't see fault in others and blame others. And we will be automatically tolerant. In this way there is no injustice.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krsna mataji, these are important links.

    • thank you Prabhuji for the links! It was really helpful.

  • Since this topic is about tolerance, I would like to find out devotee's opinion on this issue.  Ten days ago, I am subjected to a situation where a tree in front of my house was put into a cruel injustice by the secretary of our residential layout.  Just because it was hindering the view of 9th cross for a lady who was learning to drive her car, this person went ahead and chopped off its limbs awkwardly to make way for her.  This is a special tree which was supplying flowers to Radha Rajbihari in my house.  This incident took place 10 days ago and whenever I see that tree, it is as if it is calling out for mercy.  Taking up this issue with other residents and local police did not help much as they termed my interest in a tree as sentiment.  In this case, what should have been done ? Should I leave it to their Lordship's decision or should I have done anything else ?  Your answers will bring a lot of peace to me.  I am burning with anger.  If at all I was not part of this movement, it would have been a different scene altogether.

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    Sudipta Prabhu!!! Thnkx for such a nice explanation. It is so crystal clear. 

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    Hare Krishna,mataji!!! Here is a nice story from Saint Tukaram's life--

    When Tukaram became a famous devotee, then many devotees used to
    come to his house for hearing Harikathâ from him. Everyone was pleased to
    hear about the Lord’s pastimes from Tukaram. Gradually Tukaram became
    very popular. He had a scholarly Brahmin neighbor who also had a few
    disciples. When Tukaram became popular, he got envious. After some days,
    a few of his disciples stopped going to him and instead joined Tukaram’s
    Harikathâ! Now the Brahmin could not tolerate any more.

    In one dark night, he took a thorny stick and waited for Tukaram. When
    Tukaram passed by that way, without wasting a single word he started
    thrashing him sound and proper. At last, when his anger subsided he went
    home. On the other hand, Tukaram was badly injured and could not get up
    for quite some time. Then with great difficulty, he lifted himself and went
    home. He could not sleep the entire night, due to the immense pain.
    Moreover, the thorns had stuck to his body. However, what hurt Tukaram
    more than the thorns was the thought that why did the Brahmin beat him.
    Definitely, he must have hurt him. Tukaram pondered on the matter, but
    could not come to any conclusion. Hence, he decided that he must have hurt
    the Brahmin unknowingly and so he has beaten him, for how someone could
    beat without any reason? Tukaram’s heart bled for the Brahmin. He said. “I
    am an aparâdhi.” He decided he would accost the Brahmin at the break of
    dawn and roll at his feet and seek forgiveness.

    As soon as the sun rose, with great difficulty Tukaram went to the Brahmin’s
    house and started calling out to him. The Brahmin too was repenting because
    he had beaten Tukaram out of envy. When he opened the door Tukaram fell 

    at his feet and said tearfully, “Sir, I am the lowest of all beings, a fool. I must
    have committed an offence against you, otherwise why should you beat me?
    You wish me well, that is why you beat me for my betterment. But dear sir,
    please take mercy on me and tell me how I have hurt you then I shall surely
    rectify my mistake. Please forgive my offence.” Saying like this he started crying.
    The Brahmin’s heart had melted by now. He was extremely ashamed for his
    activity. Perceiving Tukaram’s Vaishnav-ness, he said tearfully, “Dear brother
    Tuka, you have not committed any offence. I am an aparâdhi.I have hurt an
    exalted devotee such as you; I have committed an extremely foul offence.
    Dear brother please forgive me; if you don’t forgive me I shall have no
    deliverance.” Saying this he too fell at Tukaram’s feet.Tukaram embraced him 

    and the Brahmin became his devotee.

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