to find the solution

dandvat pranam to lord krishna and radharani

hare krishna to all my devotee frnds

plz guide me

if we know something is wrong ...and if we did some mistakes in the past , but after dat we felt guilty and we regrated so much..and after dat same situation is arises after so much interval of time ..what we do ? how we can overcome such situation ?



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    Hare Krsna Shweta ji

    if you are asking how to overcome that problem, then the solutions is to immediately get out of that situation. Please immediately go and ask some devotee, whom you can confide in ( if the problem is personal). Do ask someone senior who can suggest a proper solution. As I understand, your questions is some what personal so cannot give any specific solution, but surely can tell you that sincere devotees will give you the right solution. Finally, chant as if you are helpless and say to Lord, now m helpless, plz give me shelter , sincerely,from your heart. Krsna will rescue for sure.


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    4 regulative principles


    16 rounds are must.

    If that situation wants us to brake these principles then we have to neglect of doing it. No sins anymore!

    But if we do it now we will get bigger reaction, because we have knowledge now. To commit sins by knowing of its badness then it is a 7th offense to the Holy Names which is very destructible to our spiritual life.

      Yes, dear Shweta Mataji as Harish Prabhu mentioned Your question is not as clear so that we by the mercy of Guru and Krishna answer to You properly.

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krsna Mataji

    "Once bitten, Twice shy" is a very nice proverb which best suits here. Mistakes should not be done knowingly but if some mistakes are being committed unknowingly they should act as deterrant or stepping stone or act as guidance for future. We should take the lesson and move on, not to repeat the same in future.

    As long we are in material concept of life i.e. on bodily platform, unless we know that we are spriit soul separte from body (part n parcel of Krsna) and act accordingly, we are bound to commit mistakes again and again for sense gratification to satisfy our senses like the urge to eat lavishly, urge to spend lavishly, enjoy in hotels, with friends, grow materially even at cost of others. Even if we make new year resolutions that we will not do this or this or this, this year, it will not work for much days and ultimately we are on the same track we are following since a younger age as we are conditioned badly. So only way is to improve our assocation as association alone can cure our disease to enjoy separately from Krsna. Being part n parcel of Krsna, we are meant to satisfy the senses of Krsna like part n parcel of our body are meant to satisfy the whole body like finger, hands, legs etc r meant to work for the complete body. Association of devotees is must to arrive at transcendental platform where we are no more servant of our senses, where we are getting a higher taste, so we become detached to sense gratificatory activities and we know what to do in the same situation which used to arise earlier when we were living like animal i.e. busy in eating, sleeping, mating and defending.

    Devotional service is so potent that it nullifies all the reactions of sins we have committed in our numerous births of which we are not aware as of now. Krsna says in BG

    Sarva Dharman Pratiyajya

    Mam Ekam Sranam Vraja

    Aham Tvam Sarva Papebhayo

    Moksayisyami Ma sucah

    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender to me, I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.

    Ur qs was not fully clear, hope you get something out of this reply.

    Hari Bol


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