Timing issues with time management

Hare krsna To all wonderful devote prabhujis and matajis dandwat pranam,

I am having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD),

I am right now at United Kingdom I came here as a student from Gujarat , India 2 year ago.then I left my university because of some financial issues,till that time I wasn't chanting and practically didn't know any thing about Isckon but Due to mercy of Srila prabhupada and all of you dear devotees I get to know I started chanting and visiting temple, reading SP books ,as I left my university after that I wasn't much interested in study and thinking "I will just work here and earn money "but gradually cause of bhakti I get to know that as a practicing devotee I am a representative of Krishna so,what will happen when i go to india when my visa will finish so i started finding my interest and i found that I have this interest editing videos so i started the course and i am doing Full-time job and parth time video editing course and cooking by my self and trying to chant 11 rounds,so that was background..

My Question is that,

As I have OCD sometimes I got this urges that some random thought comes in my mind and my mind tells me "if you didn't do this right now it will be harmful for you or your near and dear ones"it due to this disorder and mostly it's really stressful for me when trying to serve krsna I have small altar with Radha gokulannad and sitaram Laxman hanumanjis photo, sometimes offering food and my mind say" you should offer arti right now "otherwise Krishna will be unpleasant I know krsna is so kind but at the time that urge I don't know what to do and something happens lot of time when I am serving krsna         which causes almost 1hr lost from my schedule and i found my self either not able to practice my course stuff or sleeping delay and couldn't wake up in the morning because I sleep late.i hope so it's knot confusing pls guid me..I am feeling whelming now don't know what to do..

Hare krsna


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  • Hare krsna prabhu,

    Polluted mind is disturbed mind, so clean your mind by performing 5 kind of bhakti. Deity worship, Kirtan, Dhaam vaas, shaastra adhyayan. ( Reading SP books) and extra chanting, chanting is easy, extra chanting is difficult for neophytes. 

  • Firstly, I want to acknowledge your dedication and sincere efforts in practicing bhakti while managing your responsibilities and health condition. Your journey is commendable, and it’s clear that you have a deep desire to serve Krishna and improve your life.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    There are fixed timings for arati and specific songs to be sung while doing arati, depending on the time of arati. I hope you are aware. I also hope you have set in your routine and are doing 1-3 aratis everyday. 

    Having done that, rest assured - Krsna will not be displeased with you. Do your offering of bhoga and after some time, mix with rest of food and eat. You will be fine.

    Whenever next time you get the OCD like you mentioned, tell yourself that Krsna is not petty - He is pleased with you and try to overcome that thought. Do not give in. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • "my mind say"
    "something happens lot of time when I am serving krsna"
    "because I sleep late"

    It may not be your mind but some one else. See my answer in "How can i be disciplined" and please report your experience.
    Sleeping late all the time is a symptom of tamas.

    Hari Hari
    ys J.

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