Thinking of the lord's form while chanting

Hare Krishna dear devotees, my obeisances to all of you.

I have a question. In a lecture by HG Ravi Lochan Prabhu I heard that we should not concoct a form for the lord while chanting. Advanced devotees can directly see the lord and his pastimes, but we just end up mentally creating images. He said that we can instead meditate on the deity of the lord. Krishna's deities are non different from him,so yes we can do that, but my question is, what about pictures? I love a picture of the divine couple and sometimes meditate on it,but now I am confused because that too has to be the concoction of the artist. So should I stop meditating on the picture?

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  • Hare Krishna,

    One can meditate on deity or photo its upto you whatever makes you feel closer to Lord. It doesn't matter what it is.

    There is nothing called material thing or spiritual thing. If anything that is material thing also is favorable for KC then you must hold on to it.

    Everything gets spiritualized when we use that thing for KC.

    See artist draw paint accoriding according their ideas in mind. So it its better follow a devotee artist atleast they draw and paint  as per the instructions given in books. Because they have read the description of Krishna, how He looks like in books. They read about how is Vrindavan at the time of Krishna In Srimad Bhagwatam, How the gopis' were with Lord. How the people felt when they were around Lord. The Lord's dressing, The Yellow pitambara, the Peacock feather, The broad chest, the side long glances of Lord., the dangling Makara kundalas, the Payal , the flute, now there is hell lot of difference between the devotee artist painting and an ordinary artist.

    Now an ordinary artist is busy in showing his expertise in using colors, he is more into business mind. He wants to make money out of it. He for making money he may paint Lord in different color or some times differently too much erotic poses of Lord with gopis'.  They want to sell the art so they are busy and interested in showing out their talents.

    But a devotee artist ( iskcon artists ) are devotees and practicing KC as well and their art work shows love for Krishna. That is major difference.

    So, if you looking and focusing on art work also I would suggest you to see some artist works which are done by a devotee.


    Ras Khan was a muslim poet I tell you his story how he got into Krishna bhakti. One day Ras Khan who is a muslim as usual was working for  zamindar. he was quite attracted to child of the zamindar. He was a care taker of the little kid. He loved him like his own. He was very old man and was always busy taking care of the kid and showered love like own parent. He developed some attachment to the child. One day for some reason the Zamindar wosted him from his job. Ras Khan felt very dejected. His eyes were fixed on that little kid. He was crying to get a glimpse of the kid standing outside the house. The cruel Zamnidar shuts the door to the house and asks him to leave the premisis also. Dejected walking around went to a Paan shop and and asked paan wala to pack him a paan. Then in the paan shop there he sees a Sham sundar's photo.  The photo of little Krishna standing. Then He asked who is this enchanting kid? Paan wala tells him that. He is Lord  Sri Krishna. now this Ras Khan totally lost consciousness of external surroundings and got attachment to the Lord's photo and the child love which he had that attachement he kept now in the photo of Lord. He begged the Paan wala to give that photo of Lord and asked .. with tears in eyes. Kahan milega shyam? where can I find this boy. He is so enchanting and mesmerizing. Paan wala said He is there in Vrindavan. Go and find .. and laughing to himself Paan wala felt this Khan saab has lost his senses. Ras Khan asked paan wala why is this beautiful boy so well dressed not wearing any slipper foot protection. looks like Vrindavan is a jungle .. The little boy might hurt his foot. Paan wala laughed at him and said if you feel so much pained seeing his soft feet why don't you get HIm a new pair of shoes and take it present it to Krishna in Vriandavan. .. Khan saab thought yes its good idea and.. He make a foot wear by himself and packed it went to paan wala and said i got the shoes for the boy. Now give me that photo so that I can ask people around vrindavan showing it to them and finding out the whearabouts of the boy. Paan wala thought this is madness anyways take the photo and gave him

    Then Raskhan took the photo of Little Krishna and packed the slippers to be presented to the Lord and was going on his way to meet Lord in Vridnavan asking every person he meets showing the photo and asking " did you see this boy anywhere?"

    like this he reached Vridnavan and sat at the temple requesting the pandit ji to allow him in and present the slippers to Lord. The pandit ji didn't allow as he belonged to another caste. so he sits at the temple steps crying looking at the photo earnestly.  sometime people thought he is a mad man. after a while late in the night when Lord goes to Nidhivan for performing Ras and comes back to the temple of Banke Bihari ji.. while coming Lord looks at Raskhan and smiling and felt Merciful and asked Raskhan to give him the slipper. RasKhan said who are you? You are the boy in the photo. I am waiting for the little boy in the photo. I will give these slippers only to that boy. Then Lord smiled and assumed the form of the little boy in the photo and asked Raskhan to give him the slipper. Now Raskhan happily puts the slippers himself to the little boy placing the boy in his lap. and as soon as he places the slippers Lord pleased with his devotion accepts the slippers and disappears and since then Ras khan became totally immersed in bhakti and became one of the greatest devotee poets of Lord Sri Krishna.

    In this story I understand Lord can assume whatever form you have faith in be it photo or deity. isn't it? or is it so difficult for Lord to not change His form to please a devotee.??

    Now there are many versions of the same story but the basic idea is the same. It all depends on the faith of the person. in whatever ur mind fixes in.

    hare krishna.

    • Thank you mataji,hare Krishna

      • Sharvesh prabhu, Hare Krishna,

        Can you show me the photo which attracted your mind?

        Pls. share.


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