Theory of evolution

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I'm a Neophyte who is just up to 8 rounds of chanting. I am off meat and onion/garlic for the last 8 months and I'm feeling absolutely great. I regularly visit IDT just to read through the wonderful answers from senior devotees. There is no ISKCON temple near my place, but thankfully I live alone and don't have many friends - so I can go about my sadhana without distraction.

I think that in one of the myriad questions/responses on this forum, I read that the theory of evolution as propounded by modern science is nothing but a sham, and doesn't adhere to scriptures. However, I'm unable to understand why it is considered a lie, and seek guidance from someone who can enlighten me.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

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  • Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

    The experience of the world is through gross and subtle bodies. And mind plays a larger role in projecting the world. As the mind matures/evolves, the perception of the world changes. One's own experience is the evidence. At times, the mind thinks, 'I'm qualified now to understand the design (of the world or itself)' and makes sincere attempts. Then it realizes its 'limited' capacity and surrenders to the supreme lord.

    Without understanding the self, it would not be possible to understand the world. And understanding self requires shutting down the ego/mind & intelligence and its too far from discussion/reality.

    SB 1.3.33 — Whenever a person experiences, by self-realization, that both the gross and subtle bodies have nothing to do with the pure self, at that time he sees himself as well as the Lord.

    SB 1.3.33
    The difference between self-realization and material illusion is to know that the temporary or illusory impositions of material energy in the shape o…
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    Small correction - Hanuman's monkeys were not from Lanka. THey crossed to Lanka on the Ram Setu to fulfill the desire of the lord.

    Lanka was the land where demons led by Ravana stayed. 

  • Hears a thery our minds have been conditioned/ we have been brain. Washed over time to believe that serving the needs of this body' is the main perpus of this bodys life time!
    & (HDG) Knew better, having tasted/experienced the connection & presence & compaseion ofothe God Krishna! Following the Hi's spiritual instructions of Hi's own Guru & the desire of
    "The H3ad God He (HDG) risking life & limbs travaled to us & around the world to inform & remind us of the nature of the tempory nature of this flesh & the irretrievable value of time
    He informed us that our bodies house an eternal aspect of our being called the Spirit or Soul, which is imprisoned at the moment within this daul gross week vulnerable deteriorating carcus. Which is being directed by the influence of an eggnorent/ uninformed mind! ? Hence in Hi's effort to "antidote" this illness. Of eignorance, He presented an intellectual methud of exposing the minds of people to a process of "JumpStarting" our mind's evolution, tword a proper understandins(s) and an even- better/bin
    nafishel bettmore enjoyable pastime . And by the practice of employing Hi's prescription our Spitits became better nurtured & better natuered, our mind's become better informed by becoming better regulated & As this all-engaging prosess is a service to the greaterGood & God Himself, all other aspects of our lives & future life are thereby karmically improved.
    That's Hi's Thery anyway. God's Love & Love for God are the resultent Side effects.Which when applied thrugh consistent practice
  • I also find it hard to believe the scriptures on word alone, and not science with their evidence.

    There are many fields in science, and all of them lead to the same conclusions.

    Science theories are actually groups of found facts that together form a theory.

    a theory in science is the highest achievement and is considered a fact.

    We know the age of the universe not by guessing, but studying and investigating.

    And we already see that the universe is so much larger than 4 billion miles,

    in fact in 1977 we sent Voyager 1 into space, and as of June 2015 it's 19.5 billion kilomers away from earth (and still going), and it's still communicating with earth.

    Sure, you can say NASA are lairs and believe only our scriptures... but you still not providing evidence while NASA and the scientists do.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji pamho,

      The evidence !!!
      that's the concrete proof , or is it !

      Say for example about 100 yrs before all the scientiests knew that the electron,
      protons and neutrons are the fundamental particles of matter. There were also some sub atomic particles whose prescence were felt.
      The final conclusion from all the evidence was that the foundation of matter was some very tiny particles.
      But after the advent of quantum physics, all those concepts got shattered.
      It is seen that an electron actually exist everywhere simultaniously and behaves like an wave untill someone observes it.
      Whenever there is an attempt to measure the movement of the electron, it changes it's natural charecteristic
      and start behaving like a perticle. How amazing this is - as if the electron is aware of the fact that it is being
      observed. Does it have conciousness ? How is that possible !! But this is the thing that is happenning. So in actuality
      an electron as a single particle of matter does not exist. That brings to the conclusion that matter does not actually exist.
      Because all the matter that we are seeing or touching are made of those atomic particles which has no material existance.
      But we can not deny the fact that we can touch something, such as i am typing these words by touching the keys in the

      There is another issue of qunatum entanglement. Say if two particles are related to each other and when one of the particle
      are being worked upon , immidiately it affects the other particle. This relationship does not depend
      on the distance between the two particles. If the two particles are kept billions of light years away
      - it acts the same way - the other particle gets affected immediately. how is this possible !
      How the two particles are able to maintain a relationship even if they are kept an universe apart !!

      What do we know about the architecture of the universe and how it works !!

      If we see a spacecraft is travelling billions of miles away from us - does it actually travelling in
      that fashion - or it is appearing to us like that. The unlimited sky that we see may be a hoax.
      The same way we are believing that this material world is made up of matters.

      This world is an illussion. Lord's illusiory energy is at work - it makes us believe- that which is not.
      The way it appeares to us, in actuality it is not so. We are not designed to understand the reality.
      He Who have designed the cosmos, is also the Designer of our brains.

      How can we expect to get a real picture of an illusiory world with imperfect senses and instruments.
      Even if the instrument may be as big as the large hadron collider - the outcome evidence will only be a more
      sophisticated illusion.


    • Prabhuji, it is correct to question. I often think about what would happen if a new scripture is discovered now in the 21st century. It will be dispelled as bogus, because it was not spoken of before by spiritual masters. That is not the right approach is it? 

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        It is the right approach. Scriptures is not like our technology, which becomes obsolete the moment it hits the market. It is timeless. Considering that Srimad Bhagawatam has details about Chanakya and even Kalki avatar, there doesnt appear to be any need for updation. 

        If a scripture is discovered in the 21st century, it will be bogus. Unless if the scripture was lost in time and certified by an authority. For eg: Brahma Samhita was discovered by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in one of the temples in South India during His tour. That too, the Brahma Samhita we know is only 1 chapter of the entire rendition. We accept it because it was brought out by God Himself, in the incarnation of a devotee.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    The theory of evolution, as accepted by modern science, is propounded by Darwin. In his theory of evolution, man came from apes and different species evolve to form other different species. So logically, ape and man should not exist at the same time - ape already evolved to man right? But both co exist. Now, on the other side of the argument, if both co exist, what about the in between stage - half ape half man - why no species exist like that today? In fact, why no such species existed ever? Thats why its a lie. Even Darwin says, that is how it may have been - he is himself not sure, just giving a theory.

    Our scriptures also give the story of evolution - how what was created. It is vividly described in Srimad Bhagawatam. As per that theory, the world is created and destroyed as per time cycle - there are 4 yugas - Satya Yuga, Treta, Dwapar & Kaliyuga. The duration of each yuga is phenomenal - Kaliyuga is the smallest - 4,32,000 years, Dwapar is double of Kaliyuga - 432000 * 2 = 864000 years, Treta is 3 times and Satya is 4 times. So total no of years in one chaturyuga cycle is 43,20,000 years. Our science cannot trace back time to that level.

    In fact, this chatur yuga is only one - there are 1000 such chaturyugas in one day of Brahma. The lifetime of one Brahma is 100 years. So imagine the vast expanse of time!!! Our science is not equipped to handle this expanse. 

    I hope I have been able to explain. Apologies for the delay in responding.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna
      On the one hand I liked that Darwin agrees that there is a common ancestor.
      We for one don't speculate, it maybe like this or it maybe like that.
      We know for certain that all the life forms in this universe have come from Brahma the first living being. So that is a common point.
      The difficulty for science for example is that the lotus stem from which Brahma was generated. How to explain or rubbish that! Mostly it is rubbish that theory.
      But it is not theory, it is fact. If you want to learn facts without the slightest tinge of illusion then you will have to accept them as they are. This is called surrender.
    • Hare Krsna Prabhu
      What Mataji has explained has far greater significance then the theory of evolution which is based on the body only.
      Prabhuji I would like to ask you in turn.
      What is your actual position with respect to Krsna?
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