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The Shivalingam which people worship is the demigod Shiva or Sadashiva?

I recently read an article of Chaitanya Charan Das (a notable ISKCON monk), where he talks about the 2 Shivas: The demigod Shiva and Sadashiva (an incarnation of Krishna). My question: The Shivalingam which people worship is the demigod Shiva or Sadashiva?

Hare Krishna! All glories to Mahavishnu and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu!

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Shambhu or Shiva is the person form who is also known as Mahadeva and he presides over Sadashivaloka also known as the Bramhan effulgence that originates from Lord Krishna in Golokadham. The impersonal Bramhan or Sadashivloka separates the material universes from the spiritual world. The destination of impersonal God worshippers is to merge in the impersonal Bramhan.
Once Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Lord Shiva that people will worship him in the form of Shivlingam on earth which represents the male creative energy alongwith his consort Shakti which represents Yonimarga or female creative energy. Thus Shiva is worshipped as Lingam who presides over Sadashivloka or Bramhan effulgence which is the destination of Adaivtas, Shaivas and impersonalists.

Hare krishna prabuji

what about kailash? Issadashiva loka and kailask is same or different?

hare krishna

Sadashivloka is the Bramhan effulgence which is destination of Shaivas and impersonalists which is controlled by Lord Shiva who constantly meditates upon Lord Ram from his abode Kailash. The same mount Kailash also exists on the earthly planet in the Himalayas. Both the names - Kailash are same and belong to Lord Shiva, the difference is one is in Sadashivloka and the other being on the earthly planet in the Himalayas as Mount Kailash - the abode of Shiva or Mahadeva.
When a person dies, their family members, near ones or relatives say that a person must have attained a abode such as Swargawasi, Kailashwasi or Vaikunthawasi and pray for his afterlife journey. So a person form of God worshipper performing Bhaktiyoga in Vishnu consciousness attains Vaikuntha or a Krishna conscious person attains highest Golokadham in Vaikuntha, while a impersonal, Shaiva or Advaitin worshipper attains Kailash or Sadashivloka while the Karmakanda or demigod worshipper attains Swargaloka based on his Karma, desire and consciousness while quitting the body.


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