The Praying Hand..God's Sign


Hare Krishna.....

This is small story of two brother....

Once upon a time there were two orphan childer, they dont have many for they decide for first five year one will work and earn money to teach other and than same thing will do after five year.

so elder one decide to work first and send his younger child to study of art (painting), elder one join a factort of clay and work hard to send money to his brother...but due to clay and cement his hand enjured but he did not inform his brother and manged the thing with god gracess. the younger one was also dedicated to his education and he become a very famous in the field of art.

Afetr 5 year he come back and he went to meet his brother since now it was time for him to work and complete his brother's dream to educate him. He saw that his brother's hand was ruined in chuna and clay, he cry for he brother scarifice , so he decide to make  a painting on he brother's hand....he create a painting .....named as ...."The Praying Hand"....which is world famous paining which we can see in our houses...

This is call the god grace since god recognize our effort , if we put it dis in to appropriate direction...


----Plz share your comment if you like it and forgive for any writing mistake...



hare kRSNA

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  • Jai Shri Krisha..


    A touching story Prabhuji..  Please enlighten me as to how this has influenced your  Krishna consciousness?  And what we can learn from this.


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