The ISKCON bhaktas do not take "Tambuls" and hate it very much.On the other hand, According to "Sri Chaitanyacharitamrita" Srimanmahaprabhu would take tambuls and Narayani renowned as "Srichaitanyaer abashesh Patra" after taking tambulprasada from Mahaprabhu.Even tambuls are used in Yagnas.Kindly give your opinion.

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  • As a health professional, I know that Taambul brings about Pre Cancerous Conditions for eg. Oral Submucous Fibrosis, in the human beings of this world. So, definitely the Shastras are scientific when they advice us to refrain from them.

    Hum insaan hain akhir, Bhagvaan nahi, jo enjoyment ke baad bhi suffer na karein!

  • Yes, you have answered your own question!

    Just like Devotees don't decorate themselves with Gold & jewels lavishly, but are doing so for their Deities, similarly Betelnut & leaf(Paan) are offered to Lord & not to be taken by us, even as a remanent.

    Now, you can see the karmis find themselves best when wearing gold & jewels as lavishly they can, & also try to enjoy the best condiments of Paan & Taambul.

    So, here comes the bhakta who offers these best of the materials available to THE LORD ONLY!!

    If we try to become GOD, we will end up becoming Dog!

    Rest assured you will enjoy only when you offer HIM THE BEST for HIS ENJOYMENT!!!!

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