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hare krishna,

                      my question on observe in ekadashi,we r normal & ordinary people,having no bhakti on krishna, if we observe it better for us....?

if is it important to do all ekadashi....but its very difficult for observing in each & every there is any special ekadashi for us to bserve, because we r very sinful......?

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Whatever humble softhearted people do in bhakti, even if they are very sinful and faithless, that will help them in proces to gradually attain faith. Therefore, their effort is never wasted.  On another side, proud stonehearted ones, even if they considered to be famous in spiritual practice, cant progress despite all the effort.

Maybe this Ekadashi is more suitable for you :

hare krishna,

                   thank yoy prabhu , for ur guidence.......i expressed my humbly gratiyude to ur feet prabhu..for helping me.....i will follow ur instruction..

every ekadash is special and can wash off all sins. hats off to those who execute ekadashi with perfection. its real punishing. not to brush teeth, no material entertainment, hardcore fasting and the toughest to stay awake whole night!!

Vishnu is also always worth consulting for good guidence
Ji Rama!
Jia Satya guna prama!


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