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    To me anything but walking while performing Sankirtan, dancing and jumping in bliss of congregational chanting of Names of Hari... everything else is frivolous sport.
    Prahlad explains nicely why we should not engage in un necessary activity in less than a minute.

    "Dear friends, why waste our time playing.
    Of all the births, human birth is hardest to obtain.
    Human life can last up to 100 years.
    Out of which 50 years is night time and mostly spent in sleeping
    Of remaining 50 years, 20 years is lost in childhood, and youth.
    In the remaining 30 years, a human being is entangled in Samsara,
    suffering at the mercy of Kama Krodha and other...
    Therefore, we must not waste time. It is better to Chant the Names of Hari and obtain liberation.
    There is nothing tastier than the Name of Hari."
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    Hare Krishna Krishna Prabhu,
    i am not that person to give You advise, it would be better if You ask some senior Devotees who now You.
    i thought, job should be not only for earning money but to help others. For example,
    Doctor cures sick people,
    Police people give protection
    businessmen sell, export, import products making them available in the market for the benefit of citizens.
    taxi driver drives and helps one to move from one place to another.
    by helping people we get money as a reward. i really do not know what kind of benefit will people get from your running after balls, or from throwing iron balls.
    Nowadays, internet recommends to make easy money like money pyramids or something like that. But what is the use of easy money if by performing our duty we did not help anybody?! just cheated them and got money. what is the use? Krishna says that one should earn money with honest ways.
    Your servant,
  • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Maral mataji , please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    the sport which you were talkin about is shortput( i.e,, throwing a heavy iron ball)
    but even in badminton(shuttle cock-badminton>> generally called) we have some fitness tests that need to be cleared before entering the tournament, such as 1000 mts of running within 10 mins.. and also some tests regarding throwing of iron ball... But what i wanna a ask you is : im looking foward to take badminton as my career or livelihood.. so can i take up sports as career and also serve krishna.. if i can serve krishna even as a sportsmen, how and in what way?
    do i still have a chance to advance spiritually if my career is sports? how can i manage????
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    Hare Krishna Krishna Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Badminton? something like throwing an heavy iron?
    If it is that, when i tried to enter to the Sport and Tourism University in my country the first exam was this. they gave me 3 kg. of round iron and told me to throw that as far as possible. That time with 45 kg. i could throw only for 2.5 -3 m. and failed the whole exam. I think they made fun of me. I did not understand what is the meaning of throwing an iron??? what is the use? and just because of that they did not accept me to the University. Foolish thing.
    and one more foolish thing was they told me to run 100 m. in some seconds. i did that for 10 + seconds and got mark 3. what is the use of running faster than that? as if we will catch tigers or deers.
    i do not see any meaning in those sports.
    But if you used to do that before coming to KC and it became your job for earning for livelihood then one should not give up. but i gave up with chess, if there is tournament i will play as a hobby to shake my mind else no.
    Your servant,
  • harekrishna everyone ..
    please accept my humble obeisances!! All glories to SRILA PRABHUPADA!!!

    i agree with Bhaktin Maral mataji. but i do have a studying degree right now. im playing badminton since 2 years.. and im looking forward to take up badminton as my career. i mean i wanna take up up sports as my career... as mataji said : "Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (about nishkama karma yoga) whatever you do do that for my pleasure. " so does this statement holds good for my career also? can i take up sports as my career and also practice KC along with it parallely??? and if i take up sports as career how can i serve krishna through my career.. do i still have a chance to advance in my KC even though im a sportsmen???? plz any one can reply,,,

    your servant
    Hari krishna
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    Further to my earlier message,


    All acts of Kaya Vacha and Manasa coming under Shudha Prema Bhakti if self realized or yoga if in the administrative process of rising to Shudha Prema Bhakti is Divine Sport. 

    Everything else is frivolous sport.



    Sankarashana Dasa

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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      Srila Prabhupada says "frivolous" sports. i am sure that He mean it to say that we should not use sport as a time passer. Because He saw aged enough men playing ball, and saw how they are loosing their time.

       Srila Prabhupada also did some type of sport by the recommendation of a doctor - walking.

      As we all know Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (about nishkama karma yoga) whatever you do do that for my pleasure. And also Lord Gouranga told to Rupa Goswami not to leave house life yet, but to live as a woman  who fall in love with another man.

      In other words to think of Krishna and externally perfectly to do his duties.

      Also there is a verse: what ever great people do, ordinary people will follow them.

      In the eyes of materialistic people Mukhammed Ali, Devid Beckhem, Pele ...are great people.

      People believe them and honor them because of that whatever they do or like others will also follow them.

      i heard that His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami Maharaj was Shiksha Guru of Mukhammed Ali, but never heard that He told Ali to leave his job as a boxer (or what is there?)

       If those people start to chant the Holy Names people will also trust to the Holy Names and will chant.

      in this way why to loose the opportunity of glorification of the Holy Names?

      Let all human kind know that Krishna Consciousness is authoritative way. That Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That their followers are not some kind of looser or mad, less intelligent people.

       Let them know that those people who have everything in this world turned their faces into Krishna because they understood that real happiness is not in fame, money, beauty, followers...but in serving to Krishna and His Devotees.

      For example, even in the review of the Journey Home book of His Holiness Srila Radhanatha Swami Maharaj the first words are from famous cricket player. And he used his fame to glorify Krishna.

       what is wrong in such a service?

      Simple, we should understand that only by the mercy of Krishna and Guru we may achieve something.



    Dear Devotee,

    Frivolous sport will be any thing non Dharma.

    Actually any act of deed, speech or thought which are pointless, senseless and whimsical in nature which is apart from the acts of Dharma will come under the category of frivolous sport.

    Dharma being only to develop Shudha Prema Bhakti if one is not already bestowed with it and then perusing devotional Service in accordance to the mellow that one has been blessed with as a result of cognitive exposure to transcendence.

    Any act of deed, speech or thought swaying into frivolous sportive domains need to be forcibly pulled back towards Dharmic directions and this pulling back and re setting them is actual Yoga. 

    By saying “No frivolous sports” Gurumahadev Srila Prabhupada did not mean about the physical sports we are used to seeing on the sports page or sports channels or games etc.

    I will need to give you some back ground information in order to impress upon you what Gurumahadev Srila Prabhupada actually meant which runs as follows:

    Kindly do take of time to read it carefully and understand the broadness of His statements:

    The constitutional sport of the Jiva is to be associated in the sport of Dear Lord and cooperate with Him to the toto. Understanding what He wants in advance though one may be in the present continuousness of the spiritual skies and taking proactive steps to ensure compliance and then enjoy sporting with Him while He enjoys through ones arrangements.

    Rejecting that constitutional position we have revolted against Him at the Tatastha and opted to enjoy (sport) independently due to which we have been made associated with Contaminated Mater all in terms of Operating Systems and Application Softwares and respective Hardware which He Himself is micromanaging as Bhagavan Sankarshana being based out of below Rasatala.

    All act of deed, speech or thought from that point of the primary defaulting sport of rejection at the Tatastha till the point of self realization fall under the category of frivolous sports.

    On self realization the only allowed activities are:

    No addiction to indulgence in any form of intoxication, including coffee, tea and cigarettes- All these to be reduced to complete aversion and compassion towards Dear Lord for having to introduce such things to micromanage false enjoyment

    No illicit sexual relationships – Kaya, Vacha and Manasa – The heights of frivolous sports

    Must be strictly vegetarian – No onions, garlic and all

    No gambling – Including shares, stocks and mundane life conditions

    And the other standard practices for initiated devotees:

    Must attend evening and morning classes – Even if it is on line, self study etc

    Should not extensively mix with non-devotees – Only to give them a wake up call

    Should not eat food cooked by non-devotees – To the toto. But tough under today’s corporate conditions

    Should not waste time in idle talks – complete frivolous sports

    Should always chant and sing the Lord's Holy Names – While driving without beads and while sleeping beads under pillow for subconscious chanting

    To sum it up:

    All frivolous sports are Bhagavan Sankarshana’s colossal tolerances.

  • Hare Krsna....

    I m just trying to put my understanding ..Might not b true ....just my thoughts ....
    Human life is very precious should b utilized in understnding the ultimate goal of life ...i.e, DEVOTIONAL service ..
    But as we are in material world ..we are bound to do some material work towards our MAterial responsibilities ....Accordingto one's ashram and occupational duty is allowed to perform the material activities ..But SPORTS is not at all required ..b it any TYPE ..its just for one's our pleasure ....So I think it's not allowed ..(thoug might not come under a SIN category ) ..But this would make our tendency of njoying more .......Which is opposite to ur motive, becoming Dettached from Material pleasures....

    Just my thoughts ..i would b happy if some one corrects this and gve more informative reasons :)

    Jai SrilaPrabhupada !
  • Can any one please explain the logic or what is the understanding restraining devotees from doing this act ?
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