The Final Mystery Of All Mysteries

My dearest friends,

जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Joy Guruvarg!

Krishna always hankers to be with Radha. He does not think of or wish for anything else. He created the whole existence just to do that. He accepted the form of Gaur also for this same thing, to understand and relish Radha’s love. Due to this one-pointed goal, He knew that He honestly won’t be able to personally save the most abominable souls of Kali-yuga. So He requested His brother Balaram to become Nitai by exhibiting the final pinnacle form of all mercy which was never seen before. This is actually how Gaur saved us all. But very few want to understand this simple truth. They still foolishly want to put more faith in Gaur Radha Krishna than in Nitai for their deliverance. They don’t know that Gaur Krishna has exclusively appointed Nitai specifically for this purpose. They think that they are very advanced to approach Gaur Radha Krishna directly while conveniently ignoring the fact that Nitai is their only hope and that it in their true self-interest that they should take one-pointed shelter of Nitai.

This mercy-form of Nitai has no parallel in the past, none in the present, and never ever in the future. He is truly THE ONLY Lord of the fallen. Those who realize that Gaur Radha Krishna can never be truly attained without Nitai are the only souls in creation who will reach Them in truth. Since They are busy in Their internal pastimes, Gaur Radha Krishna have mercifully sent Nitai to us so that we can approach Him first. Still if we want to egotistically bypass or ignore or minimize Nitai’s importance, then we blatantly reject the only way which Gaur Radha Krishna have offered us to factually approach Them. How ungrateful and wretched we are?

If we eventually get some good sense and realize this eternal truth, then the next question which arises in our mind is how to worship Nitai? Let me tell you the secret of of all secrets. When Ram’s monkeys or Ram Himself chanted “Ram” and threw the stones in the water, all the stones drowned. But when they, including Ram Himself, wrote “राम” on them and then threw them in the water, they floated. This proves that writing the Name is more powerful than even chanting the Name and the Nami Lord Himself. And among all Names of God, “निताइ” is the most merciful. Thus, Nitai Airwriting or “निताइ” Vayulekhan is the ultimate process to save ourselves from hell, get offenseless love for Harinam, and to reach Nitai very quickly, thus getting to be with Gaur Radha Krishna in this very life itself with minimum effort.

So you may ask what exactly is this Nitai Vayulekhan? I will give you THE answer which will unlock the whole creation before your eyes in a very short time. Get ready! Your fortune is about to change and good luck is about to inundate you. Here comes the most mysterious, esoteric, unmatched, and ultimate spiritual process of all times.

“Write the 10 Sanskrit strokes of “निताइ” (the “Nitai” mantra in Sanskrit) one by one in the air in large size with your forefinger in the sequence shown while minutely visualizing every inch of each stroke via the persistence of vision as you write it in the air in front of you. You can do it with closed, half-closed, or open eyes, whichever helps you to mentally or externally visualize each stroke in the most clearest manner. Repeat for at least one round (108 times) daily. Do more rounds for increasing your offenseless love for Harinam and Gaur Radha Krishna even faster! You may rest your elbow on a surface while writing in the air, take breaks, do it at any time and place in any condition, remember the meanings of each stroke, and hear Nam (but not chant or sing) while doing it.”

In addition to Nitai Vayulekhan, singing Nitai Lilakirtan with a harmonium, mridanga, karatals, or simply by clapping hands is the topmost method to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra in Japa and Kirtan offenselessly within a very short time.

निताइ dasanudaso’smi,
Nitaipreshthji Bhaktiratna Sadhu
Founder-Acharya of Nitai Vayulekhan Mission


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Jai Shrila Prabhupad

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