The essence of devotion

The essence of devotion
The Lord accepts the essence of one’s emotions. There is no fooling Him, for He is witness to all our internal desires and external actions. More important than the activities is the consciousness with which they are performed. One may sing melodious songs glorifying the Lord, learn many verses from the scriptures, give spell binding talks, perform difficult austerities or so many others forms of devotional service, but unless they are executed for the pleasure of the Lord they are simply extended forms of sense gratification and will not yield spiritual benefit.

Hare Krsna...

Radhe Radhe...

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  • So clearly presnted the essence

  • Jai Shri krisna..


    Very True..


    • Volunteer
      Manoj Prbhu,

      Sorry I tried to say the same thing to you but didnt have the proper words.

      Thank you Vinaya Yadav Prabhu

      • Jai Shri Krishna..


        Dear Shavan Prabhu,


        What you were arguing about and what's so nicely said here is miles apart.  It's another form of namapradha to be in a foul mood and worship the Lord and think that its your duty to worship the Lord in that same mood.  If you love Krishna then you'll love, enjoy and relish doing all duty for His enjoyment.


        Hence, I enjoy doing all duty for the enjoyment of Krishna..


        Now please stop arguing..

        • Volunteer

          Manoj Prbhu, Which Namaparada are you refering to?

           You said, "If you love Krishna then you'll love, enjoy and relish doing all duty for His enjoyment."

          Not necessarily, most people when they start chanting, have no taste for chanting the names of the Lord.

          Forgive me if I offended you Prabhu, Yes we will stop the aruging.

          Perhaps my English is not good enough that I failed to communicate what I meant. If I were to do it again, I would use the same words used by Vinayak Yadav Prabhu.

          Hare Krishna.

          • Jai Shri Krishna..


            Dear Shravan Prabhu,  you have asked me about Namapradha..

            This is the reason I consider it as such..  I have stated that I love and enjoy doing all duties in the Lords Enjoyment.  I have practiced enough bhakti to come to love and enjoy doing all duty for the Enjoyment of the Lord.  If by now I have not inculcated the love and enjoyment that I should be feeling for the duty that I am doing for the Lord then I am or have been doing some sort of namapradha. 


            Yes you are right that not all devotees might feel the enjoyment when practicing chanting but that doesn't mean its wrong to feel enjoyment whilst doing any duties for the Lord.  You have constantly stated that its wrong to find enjoyment and that whichever duty you perform, it should only be done for the Lord's pleasure.  I feel that you will feel enjoyment and pleasure doing Lords duty because its our basic and only pleasure giving activity.


            I love and enjoy and it gives me great pleasure when doing duties for Krishna for His pleasure.


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