the company of devotees

I recently started going to one of the temples but it is almost two hours away.  My car recently broke down and I am awaiting my taxes and disability settlement so I can fix it.

It's very difficult for me to stay transfixed on Krishna.  My family thinks it is absurd.  I have friends who I used to drink and do drugs with who keep trying to get me to come back and associate with them.  Yet, I do my 16 rounds a day and read what few books I have left (I finished all the ones I purchased so now I read one text of the Bhagavad every day and I am about to start the Mahabarata).  And to my knowledge, there aren't too many people in the area who are Krishna conscious so it's a bit difficult to begin new social engagements (I live in a town where money talks.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how I can remedy this problem.  Hari bol!

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  • haribol

    to download lectures or mp3 files just right click on whichever you want and click on save as

    yes they will work on your netbook as they work on mine, just make sure you have the relevant software installed....i.e. adobe reader for books and winamp for lectures

    your servant,

  • Volunteer

    i have also net book and easily download lectures in MP3 format. 

    if You have downloading program like download master then it is easier.

    Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    Also come to IDT Prabhuji and download lectures. Hearing is very important. Also always pray to Krishna to give us opportunity with sincere Devotees and render service to Them. 

    Your servant, 

  • Haribol Prabhu

    if we are engaged in krishna conciousness, we will get alot of test from lord krisna,some people will teasing us.just like what i've experienced.just consider,more we have trouble more we remember lord krisna.just consider the trouble as a blessing from lord krisna.just like what Kunti Devi said to krisna, she said to lord krisna to always give her suffer, so that she can always remember sri krisna....

    hare krisna

  • haribol,

    wow!! your commitment is an inspiration....

    My recommendation would be keep chanting, reading, listening to lectures and keeping that mind fixed upon Krishna.

    Perhaps its a test of faith :-)

    Anyway you could contact your local temple explain that you cannot make it in and if perhaps you could have some association over the phone? kind of like chat away to someone about things...I know it sounds bizarre but if you dont ask you will never know..

    In the meantime, use the "bad" association for more reasons when your car gets repaired to try and build some relationships with devotees at your local temple so that at times like this you know they are only a phone call away.

    Keep that mind steady, keep reading and sooner or later you will be back at the temple quicker then you think.

    One think that helps me is that I talk to Krishna and tell him all my problems and all the good things as well and I beg him to help me and he does and will reciprocrate, just maintain that faith

    Your Servant


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!

      What Dipak prabhuji have told about talking to Krishna is true. I do that almost everyday and it is true that Krishna does reciprocate. You might also get a reply from Him. its all about fixing your mind on Him and He will guide you.

      As far as your bad association goes, try your best to be away from them and try visiting temple. And do keep in touch with devotees.

      Krishna does test His devotees. So have faith in Him!

      Your Servant

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