Technically how Krisna be the Supreme GOD?

Hare Krishna!

My Dearest and Beloved Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Please forgive me if I am asking an offensive question.

I want to know,

How technically Krishna be the Supreme by knowing the fact that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are on a same line. Since we know that for creation and destruction of this Universe all these three GODS are responsible.

Even if for the time being we consider that among these three GODS Vishnu is the main, then we should consider Vishnu is the SUPREME not Krishna (Though we know that Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. But If this is Krishna then, any of the other incarnations of Vishnu. Not only Krishna.).

So how Krishna be the Supreme technically when HE is the 8th incarnation of Vishnu, far away form the 1st incarnation.

I am eagerfully waiting for the reply, Thank you very much in advance and again forgive me if i hurt any of my dearest Prabhujis.

My best regards ever,

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  • The SB starts with om namo bhagavate VASUDEVAAYA and not om visnave namaha or om namo narayanaya.

    In SB 1.3 very clearly krsna is established as god. When krsnas incarnation is mentioned, in the list he is specified as bhagavan. Also after describing all incarnations, there is a verse which states that among all these incarnations, krsna is svayam bhagavan for reconfirmation.

    Also BG clearly establishes krsna as supreme. Eg:- Krsna says "aham sarvasya prabhavo....." Everything comes from aham (me -krsna). He could have said. visnum sarvasya prabhavo if visnu is supreme. Elsewhere in BG he tells that he is the foundation of the impersonal form also - brahmano hi pratisthaham. Also he tells that he is greater than paramatma. He tells he is the purusotamma. He doesn't say that visnu is foundation of brahman or visnu is greater that paramatma. So if with open mind we accept the BG and SB there can be no arguments about krsna being the Supreme.


    In a drama theatre, many audience come to see the show. After that the screens unfold and the drama players start appearing in the stage. Does this mean that the drama players entered the theatre only after audience or the player who appears first in the drama came before the player who enters as the 8th person? The players were already there and they all came long time before everyone for making the preparations. and among them also someone mayhave come early someone a little while after them. But the audience couldn't see them. Similarly Krsna may be mentioned as 8th in the list. But he is already there before, but he is appearing as the 8th incarnation.

    Many people think managing director of company as owner because they see him working for the company. Also under him all other head of departments like finance, HR, engineering, etc work

    But they never see the owner who may visit the company only few times. But sometimes they see that the MD is escorting this owner for a visit to the company. But people who don't know the owner, think that he is some visitor who has come for business with the company.

    Similarly people think visnu as owner because they understand that visnu is maintaining this world.

    And people who have a good knowledge of shastras accept the other demigods like Kuvera, Chandra, Indra, Ganesa, Siva, Katikeya etc as head of various departments. But when krsna appeared in this material world through the agency of visnu it is just like MD escorting owner for the company visit.



    • We know that krishna is the supreme Lord but you have to understand that this is not the case always that he is avatari of all avatars. rather you can call krishna as a poornavtar Or "swayam bhagwaan". Now this swayam bhagwaan has not come only for krishna in the scriptures. 

      In agastya samhita it is said 

      Sarveshaam-avataranam avataari raghuttamah 

      raam-paad-nakh-jyotsna parabrahmeti geeyate || 

      "Lord Sri Rama, the best among the Raghus, is the original personality of Godhead among all the incarnations and the moonlight coming from the nails of Sri Rama's feet is praised as Parabrahman by the Scriptures."

      One more thing is that Vasudev is the name of Supreme Personality of Godhead which has meany meanings and it not specifically refers to Lord Krishna Only. It also Refers to Sri Ramachandra as we know Vasudeva Also comes from Sri Ramachandra. 

      Sri Rama Also has been called Adi purusa : - The original Personality of Godhead 

      Kimpurushe Varshe bhagvantam Adi Purusam Lakshmanagrajam. 

      So it's Clear that Sri Krishna is No, one but Sri Rama of Tretayuga. Not even a tinge of difference in Supremacy is there among Shri Krishna and Rama. No original, No duplicate. Because Person is Same. Sri Rama has independent identity and Shri Krishna is not independent from Sri Rama as he is the same one just in a different mood.Please Stop Dividing Sanatan dharma by indulging in this sinful activity that All incarnation comes from Krishna. Rather you can Say that Bhagvan is Same everywhere and when he has to do some work he comes in that way. No riginal, No duplicate and do not paste Sticker that original copy is Krishna and other are photocopies. If you have referece of Brahma Samhita , then I can give hundreds of references from authentic scriptures that Shri Ram is Krishna only and not that Krishna has came as Rama. This is my request and not envy towards your Upasana padhdhati. You have great affection for Radha Krishna but those who have great affection of Sita Rama . Then Don't say them why don't you worship Krishna. Like we are not saying that why all the centers have radha Krishna and chaitanya nitai Vigrah but Sita Rama vigraha are present at very few centers across the India and world? It is a humble request to you that please do your sadhana and not indulge in this useless discussion rather creating it more violent. Please chant Rama nama and Krishna Naama. That should be only object of interest and not this usesless discussion. 

      Kaliyuga keval naam adhaara 

      Sumira Sumira bhava utarahin paaaraa || 

      Daasoham Ramachandrasya

      Hare krishna. 









    Is Lord Vishnu an avatar of Krishna.docx

  • Hare krishna Prabhu ,

    Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Bhaktin Maral Mataji has already explained the answer . 

    I just noted that you said "Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu"  .. This is utterly wrong notion which is very widespread in India among people . There is no scriptural proof to prove this . Krishna is the SUPREME personality of God ahead. Please note the word SUPREME . that's the verdict of the revealed scriptures .

    There is no difference in Krishna and Vishnu and other personal expansions of Krishna RAM , narshima etc ..

    Its just that different incarnations exhibit different loving relationships or rasas .. For eg - you cant expect to have a madhuraya rasa with Narshima Dev , he doesnt exhibit that ..but Krishna exhibits all possible rasas .

     An example is given , like from one candle you can lit another candle and another candle, all candles are equally potent but still the original candle is the source of all and the original .  krishna is the original Vishnu .

    I hope it clarifies ...

    Hare Krishna,

    your servant .

  • Volunteer


    For Krishna there is no need to get trouble of creating something and ruling over it...doing so much hard

    He is a youthful boy who knows only to enjoy and give joy to His Devotees in Goloka Vrindavan :D :D :D 

    But for other works He has His expansions like Vishnu, Narayana and other living entities like Lord Brahma and other Demigods...

    So who is greater? One who is working hard or one who is enjoying???


    If not Krishna God then who is God? 

    No answer.

    So Krishna is God. We will understand it by serving to Him by chanting His Holy Names and worshiping His Deity Form.

    He is not our order supplier so that He personally come to us and proof Himself as God.

    He is Supreme Boss, He will reveal Himself not for proud people.

    Your servant, 

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