The Supreme Lord Krishna Expands Himself in two Categories which are Prabhava and Vaibhava. The Prabhava forms are fully potent as Krishna but the Vaibhava forms are partially potent.

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    • But can one not benefit by praying to the spiritual master seen as within; God? Even though immaterial, wont we benefit even mentally to practice good deeds or bhakti yoga or dissenfatuation wirh sensual world
      • Good question. First you sincerely believe that. Another thing can you make out the difference between voice of the heart ; voice of the intellect and voice of the mind? Are we matured enough to incisively use intellect to make distinctions and arrive at perfect analysis? Is it possible to refine the mind with itself which is in itself infected? Are we matured to characterize sensual enjoyment and understand different types and categories of sense enjoyments? Do we truly understand the qualities of a spiritual master and if yes can we trust that what we presume as our spiritual master inside of us; it has those qualities?

        If the answer is a SINCERE YES than go ahead you are on the right path :-)

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  • Before the advent of Lord Chaitanya, the world was full of people who desired higher positions in the material planet or desired to go to heavens. Thus there was complete lack of spiritual knowledge concerning Lord Krishna.

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  • Teachings from the Chaitanya Charitamrita-- The Lord's True Nature
    Lord Nityananda is the eternal servitor of Lord Chaitanya and is non-different from Lord Chaitanya. Lord Nityananda is called the subduers of the non-believers and when Lord Advaita shouts ; all the non-believers flee.When one Chants the Holy name of the Mahamantra with faith Lord Chaitanya becomes very happy

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    • i enjoy hearing todays devotees of krishna's glamorous descriptions of the true faith of the past; these men who roamed forests and villages with little to nothing on their backs and yet, much satisfaction; i have no doubt that lord krishna is full of love for them; real devotees offer them admiration and follow their lead in whichever way they can.
      i wish i could see them and sing with them like i do sometimes in my dreams... if I'm lucky

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