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    • Dean Prabhu, What a nice tattoo...

      A question within ignorence: what mantra is tattood on your back?

      I've looked up on the web but i cannot find this mantra

      • Narasimha mantra

  • In my opinion devotees should not make permanent tattoo's  in their body..

    • Prabhu can you tell me why you're opinion is like that?
      • Prabhu ji as far as I know.. Prabhupada ji has instructed all his devotees to remove the tattoos wheter its lord Krishna's or not from their body..  lord is already there within us as an super soul, so y would we require permanent tattoos... rather den tattoo we should use chandan tilak on our body.. Is tatoo stuff mentioned in our scriptures ??? so by disciple succession is this advisable ??? Prabhu ji we all are devotees we should not get bewildered by so called modern materialistic atmosphere...Just b Natural.. our body is temple.. don't exploit it.

        This is just my opinion.. I might be wrong as I stand nowhere in front of all other devotees...

        I just love lord and I have no other knowledge.. u may excuse me if u find my word harsh..

        Hari Bol!!!

        Your humble servant.

        Amit Mehra

  • Not at all.

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