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Hare Krishna

I sometimes feel like I can talk to Krishna and He responds. Sometimes indirectly like today for example I was contemplating my relation with Krishna since I have not been so engaged in devotional service past 3 weeks. Suddenly my friends sends me a message "Standing still with my relationship with Source, I feel connected with the cosmos and through the cosmos with my environment. Direct contact is not so for me." I have many examples like this. 

Other times I feel Krishna answers me directly in my thoughts, with thoughts that appear in my mind. I have the feeling that I can discern thoughts coming from Krishna and thoughts comming from my mind. But how can I be sure of this? (Ofcourse I know in the big picture all thoughts are Krishna's thoughts) 

Sometimes when offering prasadam, I witness the thought "accepted".

For the indirect signs for me it is certainly Krishna, this gives me faith. Though with the thoughts, I am doubting, is this a figment of my imagination? How can I know?

Thank you

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  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna prabhuji...

    Firstly,, its a true blessing to see and feel krsna respond in whatever way you perceive... It is Krsna's causeless mercy... I hope you stay blessed.

    I agree that our (material) thoughts and response from krsna are two separate things and one can actually feel it... This is the way one realises that HE/SHE is more than his/her mind and body... Krsna gives the knowledge to a devotee on how one can reach him... Krsna has his ways to communicate... If you feel Him, relish it, respond to it and accept it for what it is and dont doubt your instincts.. you will definitely be able to differentiate between what your actual thoughts are and what krsna wants you to do..

    Take your sadhana in a sincere and determined way.

    Then to whom do these thoughts belong? Material energy is also created by Krishna yes? Krishna is all that is? Is there anything which is not Krishna? He is Supreme. Mover of everything? 

    you are correct, everything belongs to krsna but not our material thoughts... The material thoughts are the ones that come about due to us identifying ourselves in terms of body and the senses.. Krsna as Paramatma just witness these thoughts but wont play a part in it (he becomes a silent observer).. However when you take to spiritual activities and thoughts and desires, krsna as the same Paramatma becomes personally involved and provide you with knowledge to progress you further to reach him and his devotees.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad!!!

    Hare krsna.

  • Hey
    You can see whether the source of the thought is your mind or heart region..
    Japa will strengthen those thoughts ..if coming from Krishna ..
  • Hare Krsna

    Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: man mana bhava mad bhakto, "Always think of Me and become My bhakta (devotee)" (B.G. 9.34). This means we should think of His name,form, pastimes etc. as described in the books of Srila Prabhupada. Even while chanting one has to focus on the sound of the vibration of the holy name.

    Now coming to your question, wherever there is Krsna, there can be no doubt, because Krsna is the killer of doubt that arises from ignorance. Mental gymnastics even performed for millions of times cannot gain access to Krsna, unless He reveals Himself, go on performing sadhana of chanting,reading and worshipping. 

    Personally i don't feel the need to talk to Krsna because even without my thinking or speaking, He knows everything!

    Ofcourse I know in the big picture all thoughts are Krishna's thoughts. From where did you concur this Prabhu, since Krishna Has got nothing to do with material thoughts that mostly occupy our minds. The whole process of Krsna consciousness is to purify the mind of material thoughts. Only a mind situated in transcendence can conceive of Krsna, the best idea is to continue with sadhana, until the mind becomes tranquil, or free from disturbance.

    Hari Bol!

    • Hare Krsna
      I wouldn't reply to you without checking. The seventeenth chapter doesn't have 76 verses, the eighteenth chapter has those many verses, it is not mentioned there also.
      Perhaps you would like to know that Krsna's desires are instantly fulfilled, He doesn't need to think about it. Also He is aloof from everything at the same time. He is above the mental plane as a Person.
      Hari Bol!
    • Hare Krsna
      The thoughts of a rapist or a murderer of innocent animals are not Krsna's thoughts. Just to give an example. There is no BG 17.76 purport. Inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference doesn't imply that all thoughts are Krsna's thoughts. The oneness aspect is with respect to the quality of the soul and the supersoul, not the material mind.
      • Hare Krishna

        Then to whom do these thoughts belong? Material energy is also created by Krishna yes? Krishna is all that is? Is there anything which is not Krishna? He is Supreme. Mover of everything? 

        Also perhaps I referenced wrong, I am new to this. I mean: Bhagavad Gita As It Is Complete Edition Chapter 17 Text 76 purport.

    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you for your response Prabhuji! The statement "Ofcourse I know in the big picture all thoughts are Krishna's thoughts" came from the inquiry derived from purport Bg (17:76) "Although superficially the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the living entity, material nature and time appear to be different, nothing is different from the Supreme. But the Supreme is always different from everything. Lord Caitanya's philosophy is that of "inconceivably one and different"."

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