Taking Re-Birth - is it punishment TWICE ?!

 I am comparing the punishment incurred from sinful reaction from the perspective of 3 major religions - Hinduism, Christianity & Islam.

From the christian & islam standpoint, the wicked or demoniac get punished in Hellish Planets for sinful acts & don't stand the chance of attaining Heaven.

Whereas, the Bhagavadgita teaches the doctrine of reincarnation & hellish planets.

My qtn - according to Vedic teachings, do souls get punished  "TWICE" for sinful reactions ie Hellish Planet & taking re-birth (for example disabled persons. )


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  • Yes it seems that after the humiliation of the spirit self in hell, again we are subjected to another material birth & it's related wows. So considering the odds of anyone retrieving another human form, are not good. ( so then there's that another another life as an animal & then another human form. Like (ajamiel) a 1st. Class Brahmin who was perfectly situated in his understanding that God was there.Yet after falling to hos death searching for a (pet deer) He became-a deer, remembering his past life as a human as a deer, he already knew what he wanted to become & did'become a man once again. Horever, the trauma of remembering his ordeal, caused him to implode away from society & everyone was thinking He was a retarded /mad person. So YES WE are in the mess of all messes.
    And trying to study your way or pay our way out of it is next to impossible. The principal that our chonchusness is sleeping & needs to be re-awakened in order to once again be reinstated as a servant of God. CHANTING singing, reading, cooking, offering & excepting Passadum, if you familiarise your self to & with God, as the master of everything He will take authority over death & whatsoever else He needs to handle to see you experience an up-tick in your next life. And at best' acceptance back home back to the eternal worlds. I suggest' do the work of HARE-Nahma Sankiertona as a devotee fame as a human Spirit is a side effect. Hence no animal form, will be in your future. & as a servant of God you will be (earning & learning) how to perfect y-our existence. And never be born ( as-animals ) the Fall into animal forms is (the great feer) & not just being born again. As a human you can still serve God as animals we can not. So to harp on the human form of life is a symptom of materialistic perspective. Like saying I don't want my old car because it is old. This old car will still work as a vessel addaquit to demonstrate y-our sincerity to God. Which is earned by (SERVICE) Is key & nothing else is important. I.e. life after life as a human is OK but even one birth as an animal completely ruins the spiritual service opopportunity.
  • Hare Krishna,

    As far as I know soul cannot be burnt , cannot be cut into pieces and is not accessible to any experimental technique.

    Whenever we have a doubt in physics we take a physics book and try to clarify the doubt. If we are not able to understand the physics book we approach a physics teacher and he clarifies our doubt. The physics teacher never adds or deletes anything in the physics book. He simply explains the concepts in physics book such that we can understand it.

    As far as Srila Prabhupada is concerned he happens to be perfect spiritual teacher. He never added anything to Bhagavad gita or Bhagavatam or deleted anything from scriptures. He simply explained scriptures to common man such that they can understand it without adding or deleting anything from them.

    One has clearly read Prabupada books and check whether all the above said posts particularly written by Krishnaraj Melvin is there in Prabhupada books.If it is not in Prabhupada books then reject those posts.

  • Thanks Everyone for comprehensive replies.

    I also remember hearing a Swami say that the very sinful souls take birth in animal species, have to go thro' 8.4 million species of life before taking human birth, after many, many births.

    In short, taking re-birth is a cleansing process.

    Hari Bol

  • Hare Krishna,

    My understanding is as follows. Suppose somebody dies after committing lot of sins. Let us assume that the sins he has committed is 100 %. Let us assume that he goes to hell and suffers for 90 % of sins. Then he gives birth and suffers for remaining 10 % of sins.

    During suffering of 10 % of sins in the present birth, whatever good or bad karma he accumulates in the present birth, he suffers in the future births.

    The following I read in small spiritual columns appearing in local newspapers.

    Suppose the soul is too much sinful after suffering in hell he is given number of animal births. After the soul has exhausted his sinful karma sufficiently by suffering in hell and animal births and becomes eligible for human birth, he is born in a very , very poor family or as a beggar and the cycle continues.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Whoever is identified himself with material body will suffer no matter where he is,

    on another side, who ever realize transcendental  truth, will not suffer no matter where he is.

    All "suffering" comes from illusion of wrong indentification.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I had recently had ocassion to ask HH Bahnu Maharaj regarding the same. What he explained was that - only in human form of life, we have choice to do our karma as we like. Therefore, as per our karma, we will get our next birth. If we get an animal or bird or aquatic or tree form, then that itself is punishment. Therefore, whatever karma we perform in that form does not have reaction.

    Now if the soul is very very sinful, then the soul goes to hell after death. Whatver the soul suffers in heel, that karma is nullified in hell itself. The soul does not have to suffer again for that karma.

    Now, whatever we suffer in our human form of life (and we all suffer), is that karma for which we did not suffer in hell. That karma is suffered or enjoyed in current birth and our current birth karma is suffered in subsequent births.

    THe entire karma kanda is very complicated and every action has a reaction (this part proved by scientists). And we have mountains and mountains of karma to suffer or enjoy. Only devotional service does not have any reaction. Only by the mercy of devotees we get devotional service and we gradually learn to surrender to God. As Krsna says in Gita - Just surrender unto Me alone. I will take care of all your sins, dont worry.

    I hope I have been able to explain. It is not possible to repeat Maharj's words verbatim. I have added my words and waht I understood in that class.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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