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Hare Krsna!  Is there auspicious and inauspicious times to serve the Lord or offer flowers incense prayers etc.?  I'm a night owl usually and I normally serve the Lord around 8pm to about 12-1am.  Is that an inauspicious time to take care of Krsnas temple? Thanks! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!  Hare Krsna!

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Nights time mantra chanting is fine but not during pooja etc.  Late night devotional service is avoided.

    We must feel that at night time Lord is taking rest. Your temple deities are put to sleep and the doors to the ur home temple should be closed at night after the last offering ( dinner) given to Lord.  You can chant Lord's names but don't offer incenses and prayers after  8pm etc. It is too late. You don't want to disturb Lord at that hour.

    You are treating Lord like a small baby or kid? depending on your feeling of love for the deity and attachment developed to the home deities you must feel that " oh, my child is sleeping I must close the door and not disturb him use my voices low keep the lights dim in the deity room. etc. " just as you do to ur own kid.

    Usually black magic and such rituals are done at mid nights.

    So better to avoid ritualistic devotional service at that time.

    Hare Krishna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    It depends on what is our objective - we want to do everything our way and want Krsna to adjust or we want to do things for the pleasure of Krsna, so to please Him, we will try to adjust.

    What I have heard from senior pujaris is that Krsna adjusts Himself to the time of household He is staying with. In the temple, everything happens as per His time schedule. In teh household, He is a guest and adjusts to householders' schedule. Still it is stretching things a lot by doing night worship. THat is in tamoguna. If we want to please the lord, we should ideally wake up at 4 am (or 1.50 hours before sunrise), take bath, do mangalarati. This can be tinkered to late morning, but late night is a stretch by any standards. 

    For beginners, it is better to do this than nothing. But one has to improve and gradually have saner hours. 

    Auspicious time is the confluence of day and night - dawn and dusk. Aratis should be done at these times. 

    Chanting mahamantra can be done anytime - no rules whatsoever. 

    Another important aspect of deity worship is consistency. Whatever standard of worship one sets for the deities at home, one should follow that diligently and consistently.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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