hare krishna


why do people commit suicides

my ex colleague swati gupta dey daniel was in her cocoon for four years after her split with her husband and refused to pick up phone calls of common friends. yesterday in red she wrote on her FB wall I QUIT and today we read the news of her not being any more...

just last month i lost my dear mom and this month a dear friend....

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    • _/\_ mataji

      you are correct when you say little or no spiritual leaning makes a man helpless in sorrow and pain. nobody can help such a person then. 

      i had chanted mantras when my mom was counting her last minutes in her physical body..and i am sure she is well off now as she chose an auspicious day for her departure.

      thank you for the condolences

      god bless u dear radha rasamayi 

  • Hare Bollah please accept my condolences for your many dear loses!

    really it does seen paradoxical that even after discovering the great good

    and grace embodied in this activity of chanting Krishna's names multiplied by

    the fact that THE Head-GOD Has sank shunned it's use by all hence meaning

    that He' God Himself is supporting and encouraging us to use them to cleans our hearts and minds enoughf to experience and "remember the glory of Hi's association. Any one would or could have such a state of depression that could drive out the light of such a bounty as a direct association & /relationship with the Head of The gods Himself?

    so all I can think' is that we have been robed' cheated of their good and kind association by the greatness of their courage. Obviously they have had the courage to act on the obvious that we all should take the Holy names upon our heads and (go back home)back to the GodHeads. We, who are not so confident' on the other hand, have chosen to keep the shelter of this dilution in hope that we can implement some miraculous revolutionary change in the truth Our truth? I suspect that we all should (by rights) follow them. but all Scripture worn against so we don't. However, I consider it' is that Krishna the (Creator) is like the Projector & we the "created" are exactly like the illusory image being projected.Hence nothing at any time is going on with out Hi's supervision, & because He didn't intervene means nothing as nothing is beyond Hi's preview or influence. One obvious thing is' that we shouldn't be attached to Hi's creations as to long for them to the point that we disturb their peaceful transitions? Another fact that is obvious is that in reality "All we/any of us, are left with is Hi's Holy names. To honor and to serve others with now & forever! Haray-bollah! the Sweetest of all transcendental Sounds, but that is/the a most wonderful thing. Again so sorry for your loses!


    • thank you walter, the shaktimandas for your kind condolences. i agree that nothing is without his supervision and that everything has a reason and happens for our own benefit eventually.

      hari bol!

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